What is lift gate service and do I need it with my bulk t-shirt orders?

liftgate2-225x300For shoppers who order very large quantities of bulk shirts, cheap t-shirt wholesalers like the Adair Group oftentimes offer to deliver the shirts directly to your home or place of business by a privately contracted truck. These deliveries are made on pallets, which is why the lift gate is sometimes needed.

But what is a lift gate? A lift gate is a device on the back of a truck that operates by mechanically raising and lowering goods, and is ideal for delivering heavy items.

The Adair Group only uses pallet shipping and lift gate deliveries for orders in excess of 500 pounds– which is 1,333 Small shirts or 842 XXX-Large cheap T-shirts. Though freight carriers will often charge a small accessorial fee, it’s still less than shipping by UPS ground– and makes the delivery of your bulk t-shirts quick and easy.

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Updated: February 24th, 2015 by Resources-Blogger