Wholesale Kids T-Shirts

Shop our wide variety of wholesale kids t-shirts from leading brands including Gildan, Anvil, and Delta. We carry both short sleeve and long sleeve shirts in all the popular colors. All of our kids tees are sourced in bulk in order to offer you the cheapest prices. We are constantly adding new styles and colors so check back often.
See Our Kids T-Shirts in Action

Peace. Love. T-Shirts

These elementary school students deliver a positive message through t-shirts. The message of peace was designed by each kid after the school purchased a bulk lot of our assorted kids t-shirts. Each student created his or her own tee and the event was a huge success. And it made us feel good know our tees were being put to such great use. Thanks for sharing the picture with us!

Wholesale Kids Tees for Non-Profits

Positive American Youth, a non profit organization, uses our wholesale kids t-shirts in white for one of their many events in the community. PYO has a mission to build a foundation of goals for our youth, followed by revealing proven steps to reach those goals. Like PYO, many non profits source our kids t-shirts blank and then send to a printer to decorate which lowers their landed cost.

Kids Night Out T-Shirts

This fun group opted for our kids bright t-shirts assortment. According to their supervisor Joe, these tees were used for a service project called Kids Night Out. With these bright colors, we are certain everyone took notice. Thank you for sharing the picture Joe. It was wonderful to be a part of your evening and to see all those smiling faces.

More Info on Kids Bulk T-Shirts

Kids these days: texting, Facebooking, Tweeting. When will it ever stop? Probably never. But at least they can be distracted while wearing a good t-shirt. T-shirts are one of the most crucial elements to any childhood: boy or girl, young or old, every child is dependent on the almighty t-shirt to make it to school, make it to practice, make it to friends houses, and everything in between.

Life simply would not happen if the t-shirt was not around. Thankfully, it is our duty to make sure children get the t-shirts that they need. We are not calling ourselves heroes; we are just doing our job. But, with such low prices, it is hard not to call this a heroic opportunity. For you, for your children, and for us.

We buy our t-shirts wholesale, straight from the manufacturer. Because we buy in bulk and do not use a middleman, we are able to buy our t-shirts for cheap. That means we pass these savings onto you. Is that not stellar? We think so.

In fact, we are so convinced that we have the best prices around, that we GUARANTEE you will not find better bulk t-shirt prices anywhere else. Our childrens t-shirts come in basic short-sleeve versions or long-sleeve versions. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, from red, blue, yellow or green, to navy, hot pink, tangerine, black, and white.

So, lets make the world keep on turning. Take a look at our selection and see if you find the t-shirt that is perfect for you.