Best Price Guarantee

At we believe that we have the absolute lowest prices on blank shirts! Since we are so sure that you will not find a better price online, we are offering the Adair Best Price Guarantee. If you can find the identical product you purchased on at a lower price online within 24 hours, we will credit the difference to your account. See the complete Best Price Guarantee terms and conditions below.

Claiming Your Best Price Guarantee Refund

To claim a Best Price Guarantee refund, simply send a request to us within 24 hours of your purchase. Please contact us at and include the following information:

  1. order #
  2. name of other website
  3. rate quoted by other website
  4. The web address (URL) showing the lower price you obtained online for the identical product purchased from
Since rates change continually, please make a print out of the exact offer as it exists on the competitive web site.

The Adair Group Customer Care Staff will contact you via email after receipt of your request. If we are unable to verify your lower quote, we will ask for documentation including a screen shot from you in order to verify the on-line rate. Please keep a copy of all such documentation.

We will issue a credit to your account within 10 business days of verification of your claim submission.

Best Price Guarantee Guidelines

Items eligible for our Best Price Guarantee must have a published online price. Items must be in stock at the competitor and available for immediate delivery. Items must be new, of the same brand, style and SKU as the product you are interested in purchasing from

Best Price Guarantee requests are limited to one claim per product. When calculating best price any applicable taxes or shipping charges will also be factored in. reserves the right to determine which offers are from legitimate retailers and reserves the right not to sell products below its costs. We make all efforts to meet competitors' prices but in the event that we cannot meet a competitor's price, you will be notified promptly upon receipt of your Best Price request.

Thank you for shopping with!