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Fashion should not have to wait until you are older. Our kids polos are perfect for any youth, and can be worn for a variety of occasions, like going out to dinner, going to school, playing sports, going to church, or just wearing casually.

Created in 1926 by Rene Lacoste, the famed tennis player, the polo was a revolution against the restrictive and hot tennis wear of the day. Lacoste set out to design a t-shirt that could breathe, was easily loosened, whose collar was able to protect its wearers neck from the sun, and whose sleeves would not roll down mid-match.

It was not until the 1930s, when the Lacoste tennis shirt began to be mass-produced, that polo players began adopting it for their own use and called it a polo shirt. The shirt remained a sporting garment until 1972, when Ralph Lauren made the polo shirt the centerpiece of his clothing line Polo. The shirt broke into the mainstream, and it is now a popular shirt among all people, athletes or not.

Our kids polo shirts come in a variety of colors, like white, navy, black, red, and light blue. We source all of our kids polo t-shirts in bulk, directly from the manufacturer, and eliminate the middleman. This lets us pass the savings to you, and you save big. We have been in the clothing business for a long time, and you should trust us when we say you will not find better prices anywhere else. We guarantee it. So, go ahead, take a look. We are sure you will find the perfect polo shirts for the kids in your life.