Irregular T-Shirts

Irregulars t-shirts are the best of the off-quality grades. Apparel factories call them irregulars, we call them values! These garments have very minor imperfections that are a normal result of the manufacturing process. For example, they can have minor shade or spec issues. Most irregularities cannot be seen with the naked eye. At The Adair Group, we inspect all irregular clothing before shipping them to make sure they adhere to our strict quality standards. Irregulars provide you the opportunity to purchase excellent merchandise at a fraction of the cost of first quality.

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The manufacturing process is almost perfect. Human ingenuity has created machines that can run day in, day out and produce materials with precision accuracy. But, sometimes, despite our best efforts, imperfections do occur. In this case, what do you do? You do not want to just throw all that product away, but you cannot sell if for full price. The answer, at least when it comes to t-shirts, is to sell them for a fraction of the price. These are called irregulars and as we mention above our irregular t-shirts are super high quality.

We carry irregular t-shirts in variety of colors, from bright colors and dark colors, to earth tones and soft tones. Our irregulars come in a variety of styles, like adult basic t-shirts, adult ringer t-shirts, pocket shirts, womens t-shirts, womens V-necks, womens fitted t-shirts, kids t-shirts, kids long sleeves, and toddler t-shirts.

We source all of our irregulars directly from the manufacturer by the truckload, further driving down the price. So, take a look at our selection. We guarantee you will not find lower prices anywhere else.