Unisex Tie Dye T-Shirts for Adults

We offer a huge selection of tie dye t-shirts at low prices. Our customers purchase tie dye for a variety of uses including birthday parties, office team building events, fundraisers, sports teams, church groups, individual use, and more. We have many designs and colors to choose from. Shop our wide selection of tie dye t-shirts today.
See Our Tie Dye T-Shirts In Action

A Tie Dyed Basketball Team!

A basketball league team decided it would be fun to use our Black Rainbow Tie Dye T-Shirt design as their team uniform. Here is what the team captain had to say. "No trophy but we had the best uniforms. The shirts survived 7 games but short of the championship." Thanks for sharing with us guys. We agree, your uniforms had to be the grooviest out there! We're pretty sure you were in a league of your own!

Tie Dye Tees for a Cure!

Great people wearing great shirts for a great cause! Here is Fran S. and friends looking good in our Pink Ribbon Tie Dye T-Shirt in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. What better way is there for a group of people to show solidarity than with these tie dye t-shirts. Thanks for the pic, ladies!

Students Rocking Tie Dye T-Shirts!

A teacher sent us this picture of her students wearing our Classic Rainbow Tie Dye T-Shirts . Here is what the teacher had to say. "My students made Relay For Life shirts. They also won for most funds raised by a school in county. Your excellent prices allowed for more of the money to go to the fundraising! We are very proud. Go Wildcats!"

Tie Dye T-Shirts as a Giveaway Item!

Checkout the Brazoswood HS Choir using our Neon Rainbow Tie Dye T-Shirts as giveaways for their annual banquet. The theme of the banquet was "Blast from the Past." The tie dye tees were used for decoration and then given to the guests as a take home gift. According to a faculty member, the shirts were a huge hit because of the 200 given away at the event, probably half of the shirts were being worn at school the next day!

Tie Dye for a Team Building Event!

Travelers Insurance Company used our Tie Dye T-Shirts for a team building event in beautiful Denver, Colorado. They did an Amazing Race through the city and ended up at the Brown Palace Hotel where this photo was taken. Very clever idea and everyone looks great in the shirts!

Turn Heads with Tie Dye Shirts

The art of tie dyeing has been around for centuries, but tie dye t shirts have only been a staple in American wardrobes since the 1960s. Their colorful designs appeal to people in several demographics and, while their popularity sometimes wanes a bit, they never truly go out of style. Whether you love how these shirts look on their own or are searching for unique apparel to customize, we have the tie dye shirts you’re looking for right here at The Adair Group. 

Tie Dye Designs and Colors to Suit Any Taste

Our catalog includes shirts featuring several different tie dye patterns and colors. There's something for everyone, from classic rainbow spirals to pink ribbon designs to our Rasta fade design. Even our traditional spirals and spider designs come in several color palettes. Whether you love neons, pastels or something in between, we’re sure to have something you’ll love. And in addition to regular short sleeve tees, we also stock tie dyed tank tops and hooded sweatshirts

Tie dye shirts look great as-is, but customizing them takes them to the next level. If you’re looking for an eye-catching way to promote your business, outfit your team or showcase your artwork, vibrant tie dye t shirts are an excellent alternative to plain tees. Ours are made from 100-percent cotton, making them perfect for screen printing, vinyl and other customization methods. 

Order Tie Dye Shirts Wholesale from The Adair Group

If you are looking for a great deal on tie dyed apparel, we have you covered. When you buy tie dye shirts wholesale from The Adair Group, you can rest assured that you’re getting a great deal on stylish, top-quality products. Browse our full selection today!