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More Info on V-Neck T-Shirts

Though not as revolutionary as the front-pocket, the invention of the V-Neck t-shirt heralded a new era in t-shirts the world over. The original t-shirts were stylish, sure, but everyone knew that they lacked something. Exactly what that thing was, well, no one was certain.

But, when the V-Neck burst onto the scene, it was suddenly clear to everyone what the original t-shirt lacked: the versatility to be worn to a nice occasion. Now, do not get us wrong, the t-shirt was great for around the house or running errands, but what if you wanted to go somewhere with a nicer dress code? You could not just wear a t-shirt, but the situation was not formal enough for a dress shirt.

The V-Neck bridged this gap. Equal parts formal and casual, the V-Neck allowed one to look stylish, yet still be casual, and, did we mention that they are just as comfortable as regular t-shirts? If you are excited, you should be. We carry all the top brands of V-Necks, like Anvil, Gildan, and Kajpac. Plus, all our blank V-Neck t-shirts come in so many colors, you are sure to find one that you want, whether it is white, black, red, pink, gray, or blue.

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