Plain Color T-Shirts

We have a large selection of plain color t-shirts from all the leading t-shirt mills including Gildan and Anvil. We buy our colored t-shirts wholesale by the truckload in order to secure the lowest price possible. We then pass these savings on to you. What does this mean? It means you get colored t-shirts at cheap prices without having to sacrifice quality. And if you are looking for really vibrant colors be sure to check out our tie dye selection.

More information about color t-shirts

Life would be boring if it were only in black and white. Color gives life variety, excitement, a chance to break out of the norm. Our color t-shirts can help do all of those things, and more. These shirts are perfect for screen printing, or showing off your personality, and they can be worn fashionably in any season.

While they might not carry the gravitas of black and white, colored t-shirts have their place in the world as well. Sometimes, a bolder statement requires bolder colors. If you want to shine, what better way to do that than with one of our colored shirts? Embrace your individuality, and, in a world of black and white, choose to be different.

Whatever color you need, we have it. We carry shirts in green, safety green, sport gray, navy, royal blue, red, gray, brown, citrus yellow, charity pink, royal blue, light blue, soft pink, purple, hot pink, teal, red, tangerine, light blue, pink, camouflage green, and soft blue.

We also carry shirts in a variety of styles, from basic adult t-shirts, womens t-shirts, womens V-Necks, womens ribbed tank top, womens junior fit cap-sleeve, womens camisole, kids short sleeve t-shirt, kids long sleeve t-shirt, infant ribbed t-shirt, and infant onesie.

We source all of our t-shirts directly from the manufacturer, which allows us to save big on price. And, guess what? Because we save so much, we can pass those savings on to you. We guarantee that we have the best prices anywhere. Period.