One Size Doesn’t Fit All: How to Choose the Perfect Hat


Hats are great ways to express your personal style, but when they come in so many different options, it can be dizzying to find the right one for you.  It can be even more difficult if you’re trying to find one that will be the perfect gift for someone else.  Whatever your hat buying needs, we’ll walk you through different styles for everyone and help you find something you’ll be completely thrilled with.

What Kind of Face Do You Have?

For most people who are out looking at hats, the only things they’re thinking about are whether or not the hat they’re considering fits and looks good.  The trick to making sure that a hat looks good on you, though, is taking into account the shape and size of your face/head.  Different face shapes are better complemented by certain cuts and styles of hat, as one type may look great, but another just seems out of proportion with your face.

Face shapes are categorized by diamond, round, oval, and square.  Diamond faces are those that have angular features, usually typified by wide cheekbones and a tapered chin.  Round faces are just that – round.  They’re neither long nor wide but even all the way round.  Oval faces, on the other hand, are longer than they are wide, while square faces feature strong jawlines and wide cheeks.  These shapes are important because wearing the wrong hat will inevitably emphasize your facial features in such a way that they seem overly pronounced.

Besides figuring out your face shape, you’ll also want to figure out the size of your head in order to find the perfect fit.  You can either use a measuring tape around the top of your head where the hat will rest, or you can use a piece of string by wrapping it around your head, and then holding it along a ruler.


Picking Your Style:

Some hats are more occasion specific, while others offer more versatility when it comes to style.  For example, a man’s top hat might look odd in an informal setting, even if it’s been designed as a modern, informal interpretation, whereas a woman’s sun hat may seem out of place in the middle of December.  Other hats, like men’s caps and women’s berets, offer a little more versatility, thus offering style that can be worn on a more day to day basis.

Now, the true trick to finding the perfect hat comes when you put together your knowledge of face shapes with your understanding of what style works for what moment.  For example, strong, square shaped faces do best with floppier, less rigid hats.  Rigid hats with prominent profiles and cuts can have the tendency to make square faces seem more severe.

Knowing what shapes and cuts work best for you then enables you to narrow down your search to a few specific options.  Once you’ve narrowed down your list of possible candidates, you can pay more attention to things like where you’ll be wearing your hat, as well as the colors, patterns, and textures that you like.

Playing with color and texture can be particularly fun, as it allows you to create more style expressions even if you’re keeping to just a couple of hat shapes.  When you have an array of colors, patterns, and textures, it creates the impression – both for you and for those seeing you – that each hat is totally different, and reflective of particular moods and overall fashion styles.

Creating a Hat:

There’s no need to limit yourself to what you find in a store or online.  Having a hat made specifically for you is the ultimate way of achieving hat perfection.  You can certainly find retailers – especially those that specialize in hats – that will make you any kind of custom creation you could want.  This option is obviously going to be more expensive, but it allows you the rare opportunity to really take something expressive and have it truly represent you.

Besides having a hat made, you can also have hats customized through printing.  Many people like to order wholesale hats like baseball caps, visors, and anything else, and have them printed with a specific logo, motto, family name, or team name.  Such hats are great for family reunions and sports teams, as well as social clubs.  Perhaps you and a group of friends have a golf group, book club, or cycling group – no matter what it is, you can use printing companies to create something that the whole group can enjoy.

Updated: September 6th, 2016 by Resources-Blogger