Great Custom Onesie Gift Ideas


Picking out a great baby gift, either for a baby shower or child’s birthday, can be a little daunting sometimes.  Just go to any children’s department in a clothing store, and you’ll find countless things to choose from.  Trying to sift through it all and make a decision about what will look cute or feel personal to the child and their parents can easily take the fun out of the gift giving process.

After all, babies just exemplify the idea of cuteness and humor, so why not take the opportunity to ensure that your gift has great impact?  If you’re onboard with the idea, here are some fantastic options for creating your own custom onesie that anyone would love to get as a baby gift.

Know Your Baby:

Creating a really great gift that means a lot to the one receiving it has everything to do with how personal and fun you can make it.  The best way to achieve this is to know a little about the baby in question and their parents.  In all honesty, the parents are the ones who are basically going to act as your audience; babies aren’t likely to pick up on witty humor and deep messages.

If you can find out about the quirks the baby has, or the particular ways that parents or other family members interact with him or her, then you’re likely to come across a gold mine of cute and unique ideas.  That being said, let’s get down to some ideas.

Animal Themes:

Cute animals and cute babies just go hand in hand, so why not create a onesie that transforms a cute baby into an adorable animal?  This can be a particularly great idea if the baby’s parents are really into animal themes for their child’s nursery or toys.  Of course, parents often give their babies animal nicknames, so this would make a great opportunity for you to create something special and memorable, both for the parents now and for the child when they grow up.

Customizing a onesie in order to create an animal-inspired outfit isn’t very difficult, either.  You’ll likely be focusing on creating a tail you can attach to the rear of the onesie, and a little hood that can resemble the head of whatever animal you’ve chosen.  Themed onesies like this are fairly popular, so you should have no trouble finding how-to instructions online for a variety of animals.  For some starter ideas, consider creatures like bears, monkeys, dinosaurs, sharks, and lions.


Graphics, Quotes, and More:

If you’re not particularly craft oriented and know that sewing something is out of your league, then don’t worry; print work has you covered.  Taking regular onesies and having them printed with a variety of graphics, designs, and sayings can turn out something fun that was also easy to make.

If you’re up to a hands-on approach, then you can search for stencils or transfer designs specifically for customizing clothing.  If you’re wanting something that really has a professional feel to it as well as a super customized print, then turning to a printing company is a good option.

Companies that specialize in clothing printing can offer you a variety of designs, mottos, and sayings to choose from, and most are able to work with you to create something a little more specific and unique.

Having print work done also gives you the added opportunity of having other apparel items made for the parents that match or complement the onesie.  This would end up being particularly cute for family photos.  If the baby has older siblings, then you could create a sibling themed clothing ensemble.  This would be a nice idea, especially considering that older siblings can feel excluded when a new baby comes into the household.

For some print ideas, you might go with a sports team you know the parents support, a nickname or endearing phrase you’ve either heard them use or have seen somewhere else, or even have favorite animals or cartoons printed.

Since babies grow so quickly and are soon moving on to larger sized onesies and eventually into separate clothing pieces exclusively, you might consider buying a selection of clothing pieces, and then having them customized with print options.

You could create a continual series, opt for creating a varied selection of unique baby clothes, or even focus on customizing just a couple of things, and then give the parents a few blank clothing items along with a design kit to create their own customized clothes.

Updated: September 6th, 2016 by Resources-Blogger