Wholesale Hanes Boxers

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More info on wholesale boxer shorts

Boxer shorts got their name because they resemble the shorts worn by boxers, who rely on unrestricted leg movement to compete. The first modern boxers were invented in 1925 by Jacob Golomb. Golombs boxers replaced the leather belt of boxers trunks with an elastic band. They were an instant smash hit, but then competition from the briefs eclipsed the boxers popularity. It was not until the late 1940s that boxers started to regain traction in the marketplace. Now, boxers are one of the most popular underwear styles there is.

Boxers can be worn to play sports, as everyday underwear, and can even double as swim trunks in times of need. Whatever the situation, boxers can help you get through it. In a comfort rating, it is hard to beat boxers, and we give them a 10/10. Since we carry Hanes, a top name boxer brand, you can be certain that the boxers you get will be super comfortable.

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