Wholesale Hanes Boxer Briefs

Our wholesale boxer briefs from Hanes come with a best price guarantee. Boxer briefs are basically a hybrid between a standard boxer and a standard brief. They are longer in the leg similar to a boxer, but tighter fitting like a brief. We sell our boxer briefs in bulk dozens. By purchasing this way, we can offer you a cheaper price than if we sold each piece alone.

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Boxer briefs are hybrids, crossbreeds between briefs and boxers. They took the best parts of each, the fit of briefs and the coverage of boxers, and combined them into something completely new and revolutionary. Boxer briefs emerged during the 1990s, a result of John Varvatos work for Calvin Klein. And, then, after a string of ads ran featuring Mark Wahlberg wearing the new hybrid underwear, the popularity of the boxer brief soared.

It has been called one of the greatest clothing revolutions of the past century, and for good reason. Boxer briefs feel insanely good to wear, and toe the line perfectly between comfort and support. If you have not tried this underwear before, you do not know what you have been missing. For athletes, boxer briefs are an alternative to the jockstrap, and they can provide the necessary support for extreme athletic endeavors.

They can also be worn by anyone who may not like the tightness of the briefs, nor the looseness of traditional boxers. We carry Hanes, the top brand name in boxer briefs, so you know our underwear will be comfortable. Oh, and you can buy as much as you want, we sell it in bulk dozens.

Also, we source all of our product in bulk directly from the manufacturer, so we get the lowest possible price. This lets us pass the savings on to you. You are happy, we are happy because you are happy, and the world is a better place. We have been doing this for a long time, and we guarantee that you will not find lower prices for wholesale boxer briefs anywhere else.