Hanes Bulk T-Shirts

Founded in 1901, Hanes is perhaps the oldest and most recognized wholesale t-shirt brand in America. When you purchases Hanes products, you know what you are getting. Product innovation, amazing quality, and a brand you can trust. We offer Hanes t-shirts in bulk that a perfect to decorate or wear as a blank shirt. All of our wholesale Hanes t-shirts come with a best price guarantee. Try these t-shirts our and you will understand why Hanes has been around for over a century. We also carry a full line of Hanes Underwear.

More Info on Hanes Wholesale T-Shirts

Hanes has been one of the most important names in clothing for the past century. Everyone knows Hanes. Remember those Michael Jordan t-shirt commercials? Those were for Hanes. Almost any retail store worth its salt will carry at least a few Hanes products. Like every great empire, Hanes was not built in a day.

Or two. Or three. It took almost sixty years for Hanes to reach its full potential. It was first founded by John Wesley Hanes in 1901. Place of birth: Winston, North Carolina. At the time, it was known as Shamrock Knitting Mills. But, when Hanes died in 1903, the companys future was uncertain. Luckily, success was in the air for the young Hanes, and under new leadership it expanded into a second factory, and then a third. Around the same time, the company was renamed to Hanes Hosiery. At the same time, Pleasant Hanes, brother to John Wesley Hanes, was running the P.H. Hanes Knitting Company. In 1965, the P.H. Hanes Knitting Company and Hanes Hosiery merged, giving birth to the goliath we know today. From 1965 on, Hanes dominated the underwear and undergarment market, propelled to success by celebrity spokesmen like Charlie Sheen, Cuba Gooding, Jr., and, like we mentioned above, Michael Jordan.

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