Why Buy Irregular T-Shirts?

If you have ever spent any time shopping for affordable t-shirts, you’ve probably come across some that are being sold as “irregular.” Irregular t-shirts are frequently sold in discount stores and by wholesalers, including The Adair Group, and they usually cost significantly less than “first quality” apparel. If you’ve seen them, though, you’ve likely wondered what makes them “irregular” and whether they’re worth buying. After all, buying a shirt that’s labeled as “irregular” and then getting home and discovering that one sleeve is sewn shut would be pretty disappointing!

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If you’ve ever considered buying irregular clothing, we have some great news for you. Irregular t-shirts are simply ones that have minor imperfections. There is nothing seriously wrong with them. They just aren’t quite as perfect as the manufacturer would like. They’re totally wearable, and they are a great way to get the garments you need at prices you can afford. Keep reading to learn why you should buy irregular t-shirts!

What Does “Irregular” Really Mean Anyway?

When big-name companies like Gildan and Anvil manufacture shirts, they have high quality standards. Unfortunately, though, minor imperfections are part of the normal manufacturing process. The problem could be something as simple as a color being slightly off, the wrong size tag being attached or the hem being sewn unevenly. When a garment doesn’t pass the quality inspection, it is marked as irregular and sold at a discount.

Wholesalers, like The Adair Group, snatch up irregular garments and pass them along to customers at exceptionally low prices. While some companies will sell every garment they get, The Adair Group inspects each individual piece before selling it. We have our own quality standards and want to ensure customer satisfaction, even when selling irregulars. Our irregular t-shirts have imperfections that are so small they often cannot be detected by the naked eye, so you can feel confident buying them. Irregulars may not be “perfect,” but ours are still pretty great!

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Outfit Kids for Less

Kids are rough on clothes. Between spills, rips and tears, it doesn’t take them long to ruin t-shirts. Also, they don’t particularly care if they are the most fashionable kids on the block. Save yourself a lot of money (and frustration) by outfitting your young kids in irregular t-shirts. When they ruin them, you won’t be upset about wasted money. Plus, you can stock up on a lot of them without spending a ton of money. This makes it easy to have enough clothes to last your messy toddler several days in between loads of laundry.

Perfect for Projects

Plain t-shirts are used in a wide range of projects. Whether you are making tie-dyed shirts, designing your own Halloween costume or learning a new skill like embroidery or screen printing, stocking up on irregular t-shirts is a great way to get the supplies you need without spending a fortune. Since they are so inexpensive, they are also great for crafts that involve cutting them up and turning them into something else. And when you use them to practice a new skill, you won’t feel like you are wasting a ton of money when a shirt doesn’t turn out how you’d hoped.

Save on Undershirts

Some people aren’t fully comfortable wearing irregular t-shirts as their normal shirts. They worry that others will be able to spot imperfections that they didn’t notice or that the shirts won’t hold up as well as first-quality merchandise would. That’s totally okay!

Even if you aren’t comfortable wearing irregular tees on their own, they still make great base layers! Why spend a fortune on the undershirts that you wear under your work uniform when no one other than you will ever see them? Using irregular t-shirts as base layers also works great when you are trying to add an extra layer to wick away moisture during the summer or to keep you warm during the winter. When they are worn underneath other layers of clothing, it doesn’t really matter if they are perfect or not.

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Buying clothing isn’t cheap. You can, however, save yourself a considerable amount of money by purchasing irregular t-shirts from The Adair Group. Our irregulars come from trusted brands, and we make sure that they aren’t too irregular prior to offering them up for sale. In most cases, the imperfections are so insignificant that they aren’t even visible to the naked eye.

Check out our selection of bargain-priced irregular shirts today!

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