Selecting the Best Shipping Method….

From time to time I get asked by customers why we choose to ship with UPS and not any other carrier. Nothing is really black and white when choosing a carrier for your business. One might be better for international shipments while another might be best for shipping locally. We ship anywhere in the United States as well as Canada and feel that UPS is a great fit for The Adair Group.  You can learn about the ways we ship by viewing The Adair Group shipping policy.

Large Orders Ship on a Pallet

They are a great choice for shipping packages that are over 2 lbs., which almost all of our packages are, as well as needing them to be delivered within 2-5 days guaranteed. Plus they offer full web tracking every step of the way!  I had never really worked with UPS as much as I do now before working here at The Adair Group.  I was slightly hesitant I guess as I had only really ever shipped multiple packages daily through FedEx at my previous employer and was very happy with them.  Overall my experience working with UPS on a daily basis has been absolutely fantastic.

They offer many different levels of service options: Ground, 3 Day, 2 Day and Next Day delivery which gives our customers many options for delivery time. We all know that last minute events can come up and you need shirts fast. Thanks to UPS we can have them delivered to you the very next day!   I will say however that when we ship samples to customers we ship via USPS.  It works well and the prices are low but at the end of the day we find UPS to be the best carrier for our standard orders.  Oh yeah I almost forgot, if your order is over 15 boxes we more than likely will put the order on a pallet and ship via a LTL carrier.  LTL stands for less than truckload.  Examples of LTL carriers include Wilson Trucking, YRC, R&L, Central Transport, and many more.  LTL will save you money on these types of orders and depending on your location get there pretty fast.  Bottom line, at the end of the day we choose the best shipping option for our customers based on what you order.  We take into account speed of delivery and also the price.  After polling our customers these are the two most important factors and we are here to make you happy!

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