Why Purchase Surplus T-Shirts?

Why is it smart to purchase surplus t-shirts?  This is a question we are asked all the time and I thought I would use this forum to clear the air.  The fact is it can be very smart to purchase these.  If saving money means something to you than surplus goods can be your best friend.  It’s no different in the t-shirt business.  The fact of the matter is factories (in our case t-shirt mills) overproduce all the time for a multitude of reasons.  Perhaps a factory got an order for 1,000,000 shirts from a big box retailer and then the retailer decided to cut back the order because the shirts weren’t selling fast.  Or maybe there was a mild winter like this year and the long sleeve t-shirt season was cut short.  These types of situations come up all the time.  What is the mill supposed to do with these surplus t-shirts?  The answer is they sell it to companies like ours at a deep discount price.  And then we can pass the savings along to our customers.  It’s a win/win situation for everyone. (Except for the factory that is!!).  There is absolutely nothing wrong with these tees.  They are first quality but they cost less money.  The mill screwed up and in order to unload their excess, they have to sell it at pennies on the dollar.

Surplus T-Shirts Can be Purchased for Pennies on the Dollar

If you are in the market for apparel, buying surplus t-shirts could be on the best decisions you ever made.  Another reason surplus t-shirts can occur is when a factory decides to discontinue a style or color.  This also happens all the time.  A factory decides they don’t want to sell the color teal in their 2012 spring line so they close it out.  And you guessed it, when they close it out, the price drops.  One last reason I can give you as to why surplus t-shirts occur is when a mill goes out of business.  Then their stock becomes liquidation and companies like ours go in and buy the surplus t-shirts at discount prices.  Bottom Line:  Surplus T-Shirts are awesome for the right buyer.  There is nothing wrong with the quality and the price can’t be beat.

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