Remedies to Remove Stubborn Shirt Stains

Have you ever noticed that, no matter how hard you try, yellow collar and underarms stains just won’t come out? Do you use all the detergent and pre-soakers in the world, but still no luck? Well you’re not alone; there are many people around the world who suffer through this as you do. The only difference is that they aren’t about to find the perfect methods to overcome these stains like you are. The following are some safe-to-use remedies which can help to lift those tough underarm and collar stains from your t-shirts.

Removing Yellow Underarm Stains

Yellow underarm stains can form from sweaty bacteria or from antiperspirant deodorants. Before trying to remove the stain, you must work out which source the stain has come from. A good rule of the thumb is:

  • If its stiff and yellow, it’s sweat.
  • If it’s yellowish white, or clear with a greasy feel, it’s antiperspirant.

If your shirt has succumbed to stubborn sweat stains, why not try these alternative and extra strength, pre-wash remedies below?

  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Pour the hydrogen peroxide onto the stain and let it soak in for about 30 minutes. Make sure it’s full strength. It’s important to remember, however, not to use this solution on colored shirts, as it’ll cause them to go white.
  • Vinegar – Pour vinegar on the stain, letting it sit for roughly 30 minutes. No need to water it down; the higher concentration, the better.
  • Aspirin – One solution that you may not consider is aspirin. Although great for headaches, it can help to remove stubborn underarm stains as well. Simply dissolve 3 tablets in a half a cup of water before applying it to the stain. Let this soak for a few hours before washing it normally in the washing machine.
  • Ammonia – Ammonia works incredibly fast. Simply apply it to the stain directly as a full strength concentration, and gently rub it in. There’s no need to let it soak before washing.
  • Baking Soda Paste – Pour some baking soda into a cup and mix it with some water to create a thickish paste. Using a toothbrush, work it into the stain, before letting it dry for a roughly 2-3 hours. Once this is done, you can throw it in the washing machine.

Getting Sweat Stains out of Collars

Collars are one of the more common areas where stains show up, especially with men. Although you may get away with these stains on colored shirts, they don’t look great on your formal white shirt. If you have this problem with your shirts, then you’re in luck. Why not try one of the remedies below to help remove those unwanted collar stains?

  • Lemon Juice – Squeeze equal parts lemon with equal parts water, and scrub your mixture into the shirt until the stain disappears before your very eyes.
  • Vinegar– Get yourself 1 cup of water with 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, and apply it directly to your stain. Let this mixture sit for up to 30 minutes before washing it.
    • Baking Soda – Get yourself ¼ cup of water and add 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Dab this mixture on your stain until it starts to disappear. Once the stain is gone, simply wash it with the rest of your clothing.
    • Salt – Combine 1 cup of water with 1 tablespoon of salt, and simply take a sponge and apply it to your stain. Your stain should start to disappear. Once it has disappeared, simply throw it in your washing machine.
    • Hydrogen peroxide – Add equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide with the same amount of water before applying it to your collar stain. Let this sit for up to 30 minutes before washing. Remember, don’t use hydrogen peroxide on your colored shirts.
    • Ammonia – Dilute your ammonia with an equal amount of water before applying it on your collar stain. Once this is done, you can simply wash. It doesn’t need to sit like the other remedies.
    • Stain Formulated Laundry Detergent – One of the easiest products that many people try first is a stain formulated laundry detergent. Pre-soak your shirt for about 30 minutes prior to washing.


Whether it’s a stubborn collar or underarm sweat stain, by using one of the remedies above you may be able to relieve your stress when washing your clothes. Remember, tougher stains may require a few tries before they will completely disappear. For those who do try the remedies above, which one removed your stubborn stains the best?

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