Polo Shirt Wearing Guide for Men

Do you want a shirt that you can wear almost anywhere? Need it to come in a range of colors? If you didn’t know, the polo shirt is a timeless and classic clothing piece which is great for wearing at almost any outing or occasion. For men, the polo shirt is a go-to attire which can give you both a formal or casual look, depending on how you wear it. These days, there are many different styles of polo shirts available, which come with a variety of sleeve lengths, collars, buttons, fabric colors, and fittings. If you want to utilize your polo shirt more effectively for most occasions, the following is a polo shirt wearing guide for men.

Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

You may have come across a long sleeve polo shirt while shopping. This type of polo shirt is perfect for the days where the weather is unpredictable. During the chilly parts of the day, you can keep the sleeves down to keep the warmth in. When the sun comes out, simply roll up your sleeves; it really is that easy.

You can wear a long sleeve polo shirt in a smart-casual setting. You’ll find that this is because the longer sleeves help to replicate the typical formal shirt. In addition, it can become casual attire when worn with boots and jeans. Long sleeve polo shirts are much more unique, compared to your normal short sleeve shirt. They also provide you with the same fitting attributes of the regular fit and the original fit. This fit is suitable for the more slender framed body.

Original Fit Polo Shirt

When shopping for a shirt, you may have seen the original fit polo shirt. This style is exactly what the name says; it’s the first original style of polo shirt that was available on shelves. This style of polo shirt is a great choice for any casual outing. It is perfect for athletes, tennis players, golfers, or when you’re working in the backyard.

If you’re a larger bodied man, this polo shirt is a great choice. As it is less fitting than the long sleeve polo, it provides you with more comfort and ability to move freely with the looser fit. You may also notice that the collar has more space. This is designed to help eliminate any restrictions while moving. The sleeves of this polo shirt are much looser than the long sleeve shirt. In fact, you can wear the original fit polo shirt to formal occasions if worn with a sophisticated and smart jacket. Wear it with jeans for a more casual look.

Regular Fit Polo Shirt

If you’re an athlete, the regular fit polo shirt may be just what you’re looking for. This fit is perfect for the more toned and athletic body type. It hugs the torso and arms nicely without being too tight. In fact, this style of polo shirt came onto the scene because men wanted a more stylish fitted polo shirt which reflected modern times. Although it may seem like a great choice, the regular fit isn’t for anyone. It is suitable for thinner, edgier, and modern style men. You can wear it in a casual setting or when playing sports with friends.

Slim Fit Polo Shirt

If you’re looking for a shirt that will fit your slender figure, then the slim fit polo shirt may just be your answer. This polo shirt is a great choice for the slimmer younger man who wants to express and experiment with their style. The slim fit polo shirt is designed to take the shape of your toned body, showing off your best features. You can wear this shirt as a casual and smart casual clothing piece. It can be tailored to jeans or suit pants and a jacket. It is definitely a versatile clothing piece for any fit male physique

Comparison Chart

The following is a comparison chart that shows the style, occasion, and body shape to best suit each shirt.

Style Occasion Body Shape
Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Smart Casual/Casual Thin
Original Fit Polo Shirt Casual/Smart Casual Heavy
Regular Fit Polo Shirt Casual Toned
Slim Fit Polo Shirt Smart Casual/Casual Slim


Most polo shirts come in a variety of colors to choose from. When selecting a color there are a few things to remember:

  • The type of weather you will be wearing it in. White might turn see-through if wet, while a darker colored shirt may be hotter in the summer months.
  • The occasion you will be wearing it to: Formal or casual?
  • Whether you want it to make you look slimmer. Darker colors offer a more slimming effect.
  • Your own personal choice or likes in color.


Wearing a polo shirt really comes down to choosing the right color, fit, and style for your body shape. Whether you’re looking for a casual shirt that you can transform into a formal clothing piece, or just something comfortable to wear this upcoming season, you can be sure that the polo shirt is the right choice for you. So, which polo shirt do you wear throughout your day?

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