Performance T-Shirts are Here to Stay!

So one question we are starting to get asked more and more is what is the deal with performance t-shirts?  What does that term actually mean?  Well its a very good question and one we think its important to know.  These shirts have been around less than a decade and only in the past few years have they really been hitting the mainstream.  Heck, even Gildan, the largest t-shirt manufacturer around just introduced their Gildan performance t-shirt.  The first thing to understand is these are shirts are made with a wicking fabric.  This fabric is highly breathable and is able to keep the users skin from sweat.  So obviously these types of tees are great for athletics where people sweat.  Think running, biking, even tennis and basketball.  Really anywhere where you sweat.  And the breathability of the shirts make them great for sports.  But here’s something else to think about.  These shirts are really comfortable as well, and in my opinion look and fit better than a standard t-shirt.  So you don’t have to just wear them to play athletics.  You can wear them anytime.  It seems the t-shirt manufacturers agree with me because each year more and more performance tees are being made.   But you must take into consideration these tees cost more to manufacture so the price isn’t quite as cheap as a standard tee.  But in my opinion they are worth the extra money.  I encourage you to buy one and see for yourself.

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