New Assortments Are Here….

As many of you know who purchases irregulars it can be very difficult to control what colors you receive.  Due to the nature of irregulars, we are always at the mercy of what the mill sends us.  If the mill is running a lot of black, we receive a lot of black.  So how do we give our customers more options.  We have done this in two ways:


  1.  We Carry First Quality–  Yes the price is higher in first quality but we can guarantee we always have the goods in stock.  Black, White, Red, etc.  All the basics are here and our prices still beat all of the other first quality sellers out there.
  2. More Assortments–  We have always offered a bright color, dark color, and assorted color assortments.  While you can’t pick your exact color, you can at least get the family of colors you are looking for.  For instance, if you are looking to print a white image often times dark color tees look best.

    Earth Tone T-Shirt assortment pictured above.

    So you can buy our dark color assortment at an extremely low price.  Now, we are taking it a step further and introducing two more assortments.  As of today, we offer Earth tone t-shirts and Soft tones.  For earth tones thing of outdoorsy type colors like stone, natural, earthy greens etc.  For soft tones, think light pink, light purple and others.


The bottom line is the more variety we can give our customers the better.  So far the response has been great to these new assortments.  Always check our site to see new product offerings.  Everyday we think about how we can improve your experience and the products we offer.

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