It’s Hot Down Here!

As I type, the temperature down here in Hotlanta is pushing 100 degress!  I am thankful to be in the cool air conditioning on a day like today.  We are known for hot temps here  in the South (thats how we got the nickname Hotlanta) but for some reason it even seems hotter this year.   Maybe thats because our warehouse here at The Adair Group is not air conditioned.  But the good news for us is hot temps usually mean brisk t-shirt sales.  After all, during the summer

Stay Cool with Adair T-Shirts!

many of our t-shirts are used for outdoor activities.  Summer Camps, sports camps, family reunions, tie dye projects just to name a few.  Being outside during the dog days of summer is fun but remember to be prepared.  Drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen.  And if you start to feel lightheaded or overheated, head inside or get in the shade.  Heat exhaustion is serious and should be treated as such.  It wouldn’t be an Adair blog if I didn’t mention some of our awesome products that work well during these hot months.  All you girls out their, be sure to check out Ladies Rib Tank Tops.  They will keep you cool and last.  And guys, we have mens tank tops as well.  Have fun this summer as it will be Labor Day before you know it!!.

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