How to Tie Dye Sweatpants

Have you grown bored of tie dyeing wholesale t-shirts? Are you looking for some fresh new ideas? If so, learning how to tie dye sweatpants is a perfect solution! If you can tie dye a shirt, you can apply the same basic principles to dye a wide range of other garments, including bulk sweatshirts, hoodies and sweatpants. After all, why should tops get to have all the fun? Keep reading to discover how to make your own one-of-a-kind, tie dyed sweats! 

Start with the Right Pants

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When it comes to any tie dye project, starting with the right fabric is crucial. Sweatpants made from 100% cotton are your best bet because they will soak up the dye and yield vibrant results. Cotton/polyester blends work, too, but you’ll want to look for sweats that contain as little polyester as possible. Unfortunately, 100% polyester sweatpants won’t work for this project. 

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Gather the Rest of Your Supplies

Now that you have your pants, it’s time to get the other necessary supplies. To make tie dyed sweatpants, you’ll need: 

You’ll also need a place where you can apply the dye without making a mess. Either cover a table with plastic and a layer of paper towels or place a rack inside a plastic container that’s large enough to hold the pants once tied. 

Prep Your Pants

We recommend pre-washing your sweatpants to remove any lint and leftover starch or other coatings from the manufacturing process. Use gentle detergent, and skip the fabric softener. Instead of drying, lay the damp, clean pants out on a flat surface. Decide which tie dye technique you’d like to use. Fold your pants into the desired pattern, and secure them with rubber bands. It’s up to you whether you would rather carefully fold your pants or bunch them up at random. Both techniques yield beautiful results. Just make sure the rubber bands are tight, so they won’t fall off during the process. 

Apply Dye

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Mix up your dye according to the instructions included with your tie dye kit, and place your sweatpants on a protected surface or the rack in a plastic bin. Squeeze the dye onto the fabric, making sure to get it down into the creases. Feel free to use as many colors as you would like. Be mindful of what colors you place next to each other to avoid creating muddy, unpleasant hues. When you have finished applying dye to one side, flip the pants over and dye the other side. 

If you are only using one color, there’s an alternative technique that works well. Mix your fabric dye up in a bowl or container that’s large enough to submerge your pants in. Then, dunk your rubber-banded pants in the solution. Let soak until the fabric has absorbed a good amount of the dye, then remove. 

Let Sit

Place the garment in a plastic grocery bag, and tie it shut. Set the bag aside, and let the dye work its magic for several hours. Ideally, you should let the dye sit overnight to ensure the best results. The longer you wait, the more vibrant the outcome will be. 

Rinse and Wash

Once the dye has had plenty of time to set, carefully remove the rubber bands. Rinse the pants under cold water until it runs mostly clear. Then, wash your new sweats by themself in your washing machine. Use cold water and regular laundry detergent. Hang to dry, or use your dryer’s medium heat setting. To keep your new tie dyed sweatpants looking great even after the first few washes, avoid laundering with abrasive materials like denim. Hanging them to dry can help extend their life too. 


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Making tie dyed sweatpants is a fun way to expand your tie dyed wardrobe. To take your look to the next level, stock up on wholesale hoodies to dye in coordinating colors. You’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons when you head out wearing your matching tie dyed sweats! At The Adair Group, we have the apparel you need for your next project. Check out our full selection today!

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