For the Love of Neon T-Shirts

I remember growing up in the 80’s when neon colors were largely in style.  Neon pink, orange, green, yellow, etc. were all the rage.  Well guess what?!  As they say, everything comes back in style at some point and the 80’s have made a comeback once again this season in the form of bright neon colors.  Big, attention getting neon colors are a throwback to 80’s fun and yet evoke a modern sensibility at the same time.

Neon T-Shirts

Neon T-Shirts Are Back!

Everything from neon colored t-shirts to shoes to bags, nail polish and accessories are in style right now.  Neon colors have become a huge trend for your everyday 2012 spring and summer wardrobe.   Of course, neon colors are not for everyone.  Some may love them and some may hate them but regardless of that neon colors are among the hottest colors for spring and summer 2012.  They are bright and cheerful and I believe really can brighten up anyone’s day as well as make you look absolutely fabulous!  Add a pop of glow to everything from your work ensemble to your gym gear and embrace this trend.   Neon in a statement accessory or as a layered t-shirt makes a great statement without overpowering an outfit and a pop of neon instantly freshens up your look.  This trend is great because it is so easy to encompass.  Even if you are scared of wearing hot pink jeans, you can test the waters with a coat of neon nail polish or a just a neon t-shirt paired with jeans.  Neon is so fun and adds a pop of color to your everyday outfits.  No go out there and buy some neon! Add some color to your life!!

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