Five Reasons Scrubs Rule

One hundred years ago, doctors and nurses wore their street clothes to work. Those who might come into contact with blood or other bodily fluids might have worn an apron to keep their clothes clean. When Dr. Lister made his discoveries regarding germs and antiseptics, the field of medicine changed dramatically, and medical personnel started to take sanitation in clinics and hospitals seriously.

iconic nurse in white scrubsWhite was often worn by doctors and nurses since it gave the appearance of cleanliness. Consider any iconic picture of a nurse in the early to mid-20th century, and you would find a woman dressed in a crisp white uniform, from her hat to her shoes. The starched dress and white stockings gave an appearance that may still give peace and calm to some, while bringing back less delightful memories to others.

In America, few doctors or nurses still wear what we refer to as traditional medical garb. The sterile whites have been replaced by scrubs. ScruDoctor in surgical green scrubsbs are the lightweight, short-sleeve shirt and drawstring pants that were worn by surgeons before they “scrubbed in” for surgery. Today, almost everybody who works in a hospital or clinic wears scrubs. Often, the surgical greens are still reserved for those who work in the operating theater. Other colors designate what job the wearer holds. This makes it easy to identify who works where quickly and easily.

Many of the staff who work with children wear colorful scrubs that are covered in delightful patterns, cartoon characters, etc.

Even in clinics and hospitals where scrubs are not required, the staff often chooses to wear them. Why would you want to wear scrubs if you don’t have to, and why would you want them if you do not work in the medical field?

  1. Scrubs are ridiculously comfortable. The material is lightweight, like pajamas, and who doesn’t want to go to work in their doctors wearing scrubspajamas? The scrubs material breathes nicely to keep you cool. Because they are not form-fit, it is also easy to wear an undershirt if the temperature is a bit cooler.
  1. Television made them cool. Most fashion trends can trace their roots to Hollywood. Scrubs owe much of their popularity to shows like St. Elsewhere, ER, and Grey’s Anatomy. When your favorite star wears the clothes, it suddenly becomes cool to do so. While not every workplace is going to appreciate the look if you don’t work in the medical field, scrubs look just as good worn at home.
  1. Scrubs are generally made out of materials that are chemically treated to make cleaning easier. Grime that may have stained your polo shirt might wash right off of or out of your scrubs. Because they are lightweight, you can do a full load of them without maxing out your machine, too. The material is pre-shrunk, so you know what sizes to order, and they typically do not bleed, so you don’t need to worry about them messing up the rest of your laundry. Many scrubs even come with an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial coating.
  1. Scrubs are utilitarian. Whether you are gardening, cooking, or simply lounging around the house, scrubs provide a casual, clean look. Paired with a pair of tennis shoes or clogs, they not only look great, but the non-binding cut and design make it easy to get your work done. Despite their stain-repellent nature, they will eventually get a bit dirty. When they do, scrubs still maintain their comfort so they become the perfect clothing for scrubbing floors or other sweaty, labor-intensive activity. The lightweight material and free-moving cut make them perfect for everyday wear.
  1. Scrubs are inexpensive. Consider the savings if you could wear a $20 set of scrubs every day instead of a several-hundred-dollar business ensemble; even a cheap suit is going to run over $100. For home use or pajamas, the scrubs are cheaper, more durable, and more comfortable than most pajamas and casual pants. Buying them at an outlet or in bulk can save you even more money. Why throw your hard earned money away on clothes that are not nearly as comfortable and which are not going to wear as well?

It may have taken some time for scrubs to make it into the hospitals, and even more time for them to make it into the home, but they are now here to stay. With the many advantages to wearing scrubs, and the simplicity of rocking the look, it simply makes sense to own a set in all of your favorite colors.

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