Be Fashionable With Plain T-Shirts

Around the office here at The Adair Group I am known as Ms. Fashionable.  I, however, prefer Style Goddess, Fashionista or Clothes Junkie.  Fashion and style has always come naturally to me and it is something that I have always had a passion for.  Kind of ironic that I work for a blank t-shirt company, now isn’t it?  The funny thing, though, is how much fun you can have with plain t-shirts and still be super stylish!  That is why I am extremely excited that we just received some awesome new ladies t-shirts and tank tops!!Our newest Ladies T-Shirt is the Ladies Junior Cap Sleeve T-Shirts.  We have this item available in three great, classic colors: Black, Hot Pink and Soft Pink.  These t-shirts are great!  They are super comfortable and extremely soft because they are made of 100% Ringspun Cotton.  Wear them by themselves or layer them for an even more stylish look.  Throw on a blazer over it all and you are on your way to a chic yet comfortable look.

Be Stylish with Plain T-Shirts and Tanks

Another great item that we just received in is our Ladies Ribbed Tank Tops.  We have these available in really great colors for spring and summer: Purple, Teal, Hot Pink, Black and White.  Here in Georgia it gets extremely hot in the summertime so all of us ladies basically LIVE in tank tops and shorts otherwise we would melt!  These ladies tank tops we have are absolutely perfect to stay cool during the summertime and they are great for the layered look.  Layer two or three tank tops, throw on some shorts and some great accessories and you have yourself a very cute and casual look.  Get one in every color and you will have endless style options!

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