Cool Tie-Dye Tees for Your Sand Soccer Squad


Sand Storm

Sand Soccer is not for the faint of heart. Incredibly intense, gritty, and fast-paced, it’s not unusual to see 50 or 60 shots on goal in a single match. Blink, and you might miss it.

The teams are 5 v. 5 and the matches whirl by like sand storms. Much like beach volleyball, getting the hang of sand soccer isn’t what makes it tricky. Beating out the hundreds of other competing teams … well, now … that’s another story.

While there is no such thing as a guaranteed win, nothing can help your squad provide a unified front better than sick team uniforms. Take a look at some of the killer tie-dye options below to make your team really stand out this summer.

Do-It-Yourself Tie-Dye

Nothing says summer quite like tie-dye. It’s fun, it’s flashy, and it makes a bold statement. It also gives you complete creative control to get as wacky and creative as you want. Create vibrant patterns, designs, animals, shapes, whatever – you are only limited by your own imagination.

A few tips to keep in mind if your heart is set on doing it yourself:

  • Make sure you take the time to fold and bundle the fabric. Crisp folds prevent colors from muddying or bleeding into sections they weren’t intended to go.
  • Every fold you make creates a line. If you are looking to create a smaller design, make your folds narrower. For bigger designs, do the opposite.
  • Tight creases and exact lines will create very geometric patterns. Crumpling and bundling the shirt fabric will create more organic shapes.
  • Avoid mixing secondary colors: i.e., purple, orange, and green, as the mixtures will produce unattractive brownish colors.
  • Make sure the white t-shirt base you use is of high quality.

Most sand soccer tournaments are anything goes when it comes to team uniforms, so do-it-yourself tie-dye can be a terrific way to outfit the squad. However, there are several drawbacks to consider when you do it yourself:

  • Achieving exact uniformity with DIY tie-dye is hard. Even if you are using the same materials and following the same patterns, there will be slight differences in everyone’s uniform.
  • Cost is another potential downside. Purchasing everything, from white t-shirts to the dyeing materials, can be an expensive and tedious chore.
  • Especially if you are looking to make some wild patterns, the more elaborate the design, the more difficult achieving it will be. Truly detailed designs require a lot of painstaking work, as well as more supplies. Time and effort are big factors to consider when attempting to create your own tie-dye.

Outfitting the Squad Online

There’s a reason that, since time immemorial, armies have striven to clad their soldiers in identical suits of armor. There is strength in presenting the force as one. United in garb, you will stand fiercely in the sand soccer arena.

While you might not think that the words “store-bought” and “tie-dye” go hand-in-hand, it might surprise you to learn what is available online. Often very cost-effective, purchasing tie-dyed tees for the whole squad online can be a fantastic way to maximize the budget, as well as to end up looking like a team. Not only will purchasing tie-dyed shirts online help with cost and uniformity, but it will also save you a lot of time and effort.

Whether you are shopping for men, women, teens, children, or sand soccer players, there are a lot of great selections to be found online, including pre-made shapes, pattern designs, and even Pink Ribbon tie-dyes.

Popular Styles

If you choose to make your own or purchase the t-shirts online, there are a variety of timeless tie-dye styles and fashions. Some are harder than others to achieve, but all are equally stylish. Take a look below at some of the hottest and most classic trends in tie-dye:

  • Radiating spiral
  • Three-colored vertical flag
  • Cyclone
  • Camo
  • Pinwheel
  • Stripes
  • Fan-fold
  • Heart
  • Peace-sign
  • Americana
  • V-shape


Making your squad stand out this summer on the sand soccer pitch should not be a challenge; it should be fun and simple. Tie-dying is a fantastic way to bring together the team, as well as stand out. Just think. When you and your squad strut your stuff all the way up to the winner’s platform, how will you want to be remembered? Make your uniform as memorable as your win this summer season, and enjoy the games fashionably.


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