Everyone Loves a Cool Restaurant T-Shirt

Have you ever been at a restaurant and had a hard time figuring out who the staff is and who’s not?  I know I have! Staff t-shirts are a staple for any restaurant.  Your restaurant t-shirts should include your information, logo and even a funny catch phrase.  Not only are they a comfortable, professional looking uniform for your employees but it definitely helps your patrons know who the staff is as well as helps them remember your restaurant even more.  Who doesn’t remember one of their favorite restaurants funny

Everyone Loves a Cool Restaurant T-Shirt

catch phrase or logo?!  Personally I have a large collection of cool restaurant t-shirts from places I’ve frequented over the years and putting it on always makes me remember the good times that were had at that establishment and makes me want to go back.

Lots of restaurants even sell their custom t-shirts to their customers.  This is not only a great way to advertise your business but the customer will remember your restaurant by taking home this awesome souvenir and keep them coming back for more.  Think about all the times the customer will come across your t-shirt at home and be reminded of your restaurant.   And, of course, selling your local restaurant t-shirts means more money for your business!

The benefits do not end after the customer pays for your t-shirt either. T-shirts are no doubt one of the most powerful marketing tools for restaurants.  Imagine each and every one of your customers walking around with your restaurant’s t-shirt on.  Think about all the times the customer will receive a compliment or question about your t-shirt. This is the perfect opportunity for word of mouth marketing between a loyal customer and a potential new customer.  You just can’t get better PR than that!

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