Buying Wholesale T-Shirts: What You Should Know



Buying wholesale t-shirts is a whole lot easier and more cost effective than going to the store. Not only this, but choosing to buy from wholesalers means you will be spoiled for choice.

There will be no more having to make a decision between two boring colors and necklines, and for the low prices wholesalers boast, you can even have both, if you please! Read on for everything you should know about buying wholesale t-shirts and why choosing the right wholesaler is important.


Many trusted wholesale t shirt sites stock well-known and reputable t-shirt brands, such as Gildan, Anvil, Hanes, Jerzees and Fruit of the Loom, so you know your hard-earned cash is being well spent on good quality t-shirts. At affordable prices, now anyone can afford to look good in quality branded t-shirts. With a massive range to choose from, wholesalers cater to everyone’s needs and tastes in brands.



Wholesalers don’t just offer a range of basic apparel. They also keep up with the highest fashions trends at an affordable price too! You can grab a 100% cotton rainbow tie-dyed t-shirt by Gildan, or browse the streetwear brands for the younger generation. If you want blank but hardwearing, then a Hanes wholesale t-shirt is perhaps a better option.

If you want to buy wholesale t-shirts to screen print, you are best suited for plain standard t-shirts. These are your cheapest option for both customers and clothing companies and are usually 100% cotton with a box fit.

However, there are several variations of plan t-shirts, such as fashionable necklines, styles and colors to keep up with the latest trends. Clothing companies whose customer base are looking for casual t-shirts to wear regularly should buy fitted t-shirts, as these are a popular choice.


Avoid ‘Virtual Stores’

Look for wholesalers who don’t hold ‘virtual merchandise,’ but who promise that what you see on their website is ultimately what you will get. A lot of t-shirt wholesalers wait for customer orders before they order from the manufacturer, making the whole process very long-winded. You should avoid these websites.

You will know when you come across a wholesaler that buys its stock in advance because it will be clearly stated on their website. Buying wholesale t-shirts this way will save you time and money.

Bulk, Stock, Ship

If you avoid the virtual stores, the items you receive will be the exact same high-quality clothes you see on the virtual sites, but offered at a much lower price. Why? Because these wholesaler sites purchase in bulk, meaning the factories are giving them a much better price than they give the virtual stores.

In turn, wholesalers can pass these savings on to you, the customers. Merchandise is in stock waiting for you to order, and then to be immediately shipped out to you. These sites are different than the other online stores because they represent real people, with real physical warehouses.

Experience Counts

When it comes to buying wholesale t-shirts online, buy from well-known, experienced vendors. Not only do these companies have decades of knowledge and experience when it comes to selling wholesale t-shirts, but they also have superb customer service due to their liaising with huge volumes of customers over the years. Why should you settle for less than excellent customer service?

Vendors who have been in the wholesale business for several years will also have a massive amount of stock in comparison to newer, less experienced companies. They are therefore more likely to have what you need, in the bulk number you need and at the lowest cost to you.


For your order to be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible, look for two different methods to give you the best possible experience. The primary form of delivery you want to look for is UPS, which offers transit days between one and six days, depending on your location in the U.S. If you want a large order delivered (normally over 100 dozen,) then look at sites which offer truckload/LTL delivery service.

It’s highly doubtful that you will want to return any items, but on the off chance you do, look for wholesaler sites which offer a generous 30-day return policy. This typically means that any items which are new, unused and still in their original packaging can be shipped back for a full refund (minus shipping costs).


Now you know everything you need to about buying wholesale t-shirts! If you order through a trusted wholesaler site, you will receive high-quality items at a heavily discounted price.


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