History of Gildan T-Shirts

If you look at just about any t-shirt in your closet right now, odds are that is a Gildan brand t-shirt.  Gildan is the leading activewear brand in the screenprint business in the United States and Canada.  They manufacture items such as t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, socks and underwear.  Their corporate office is located in Montreal, Canada and currently employs approximately 30,000 people worldwide.

Gildan was founded in Canada in 1984 by the Chamandy family.  At the time, they were managing a children’s clothing manufacturing company and in an effort to reduce costs they decided to produce their own textile.  Their fabric production continued to grow and soon they were outpacing their own demand.  The Chamandy family decided to search for ways to use the extra fabric they were producing.  The screenprint market seemed to be a great opportunity and so they began manufacturing bulk gildan t-shirts for printing.

Gildan soon evolved from a fast growing fabric company and eventually became the leader in manufacturing quality basic apparel with their primary business being high volume non-fashion apparel.  Gildan sell t-shirts, fleece and hosiery in large quantities to wholesale distributors like us here at The Adair Group.  Whereas Gildan may not be a household name, it is a household brand and they keep growing every year.  If you are looking for quality blank Gildan apparel and super low prices we have it!

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