A Buyers Guide to Wholesale Sweatpants

buyers guide wholesale sweatpants

It’s true that fashion is the ever-evolving beast not only of our time, but all throughout history. Depending on your age, you’ve seen trends come and then quickly fade. There are some staples of fashion, though, that have stayed the course and stood the test of time. No, not mullets and the big hair of the 1980s — we’re talking sweats.

Originally designed for athletic purposes and comfort, sweatpants are an informal style of soft slacks and these days, are worn in various situations. In Australia, they are called tracky daks, trackies or trackpants. In Europe, New Zealand and Africa, they are called tracksuit bottoms or jogging bottoms.

While sweatpants have been through their fair share of ridicule, they have changed little and have always stayed relevant. Whether you’ve worn them binge-watching Netflix or to your Saturday-morning spinning class, sweatpants remain faithful — and now, even fashionable.


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A Brief History in Sweatpants

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In the 1920s, a French man named Émile Camuset saw a need for more comfortable sportswear for athletes. Thus, the sweatpants were born. They were created to quite literally, absorb sweat and were a welcome change from the stiff and tight britches that were often so restricting. They were made most popular in the Olympics of 1936, and from there, they continued their steady rise in the fashion world.

Much like today, athletes were the commonplace marketers of the time. Today, we see many athletes putting their names on sports attire and even creating their own brand of shoes. It’s the way most people learn the trends of athletic style.


Then, it wasn’t only sweatpants that came on the scene, but another familiar pant — the track pant. These were made from a different material that was lighter in weight than sweatpants, and they were nylon rather than cotton. They were often the choice of athletes for running track because of the airy and lightness of the pant itself. While both the sweatpants and the track pant have been the choice of many athletes, it wasn’t until the 1970s when sweatpants really began to take the lead.


It’s no wonder that in the 1970’s sweatpants took on a life of their own. Thanks to the Movie Rocky, sweatpants were no longer relegated to the professional athlete, but drew a new bridge. They helped translate the common man from his couch into a person with a hopeful future that, just like Rocky, could work hard to become a champion — all the while, wearing sweatpants.

In fact, the city of brotherly love leads the way in the sales of sweatpants. Philadelphia may be currently known for its most recent win in the Super Bowl, but furthermore for their love of sweatpants. According to Experian Marketing, Philly carries the highest mean number of sweats sold per year.

As Rocky led the way in the ‘70s, Jane Fonda took on the ‘80s. When Jane Fonda released her 1982 workout tape, she became not only the icon of fitness, but her chic style took the nation by storm.

Saggy Bottoms  

The 1990s brought us into a new era, moving away from the alternative rock and big hair of the 1980s, into a new scene of music and style. This time, as rap and hip-hop entered the scene, so did some other unforgettable, and sometimes regrettable, trends.

woman sweatpants boardwalkIf you can recall, sagging drawers may have also left an imprint on your memory. Maybe you were the victim of someone’s drawers that drooped far too low for comfort, or maybe you were the offender being offered a belt from the school principal. We all have had our fair share of encounters with the effervescent sagging drawer epidemic of the 1990s. It was here, in the 1990s, that style gave way to our most recent trend, athleisure.

Present Day

What is athleisure? It’s is exactly what it sounds like. It is the combination of athletic wear meets the comfort of leisure attire. This newest trend is excellent news for the likes of sweatpants.

Just 10 years ago, paparazzi gaggled at the sight of men and women hitting the streets in their sweats and treated it with such hatred. Today, this is the new normal. From athletes to actresses, everyone now seems to tout the style of sweatpants and baseball caps.

As athleisure continues to rise, sales of sweatpants climb, and this trend doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.


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Did Someone Say Kanye West?

Kanye West, while most largely known for his music and outspoken appearances, is also an incredible fashion designer. Most recently, Kanye released his line called, “YEEZY,” which fully demonstrates how the new street style meets athleisure trend. While many have found his work strange and alluring, it helps us understand and see that the trends of fashion have very few limits.


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Why are we talking fashion? Blame James Dean.

Before we had the Internet and access to almost anything we wanted at our fingertips, there was James Dean. In the 1955 movie, Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean wore those denim blue jeans paired with a white t shirt and a sleek leather jacket. It drew an immediate response in the fashion community amongst men, as everyone began to copy this style, only increasing the sales of denim.

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Understanding the ebbs and flows of fashion helps aid you, as a consumer or businessperson. Purchasing sweatpants on wholesale will not only help drive the cost down, but knowing the athleisure trend is growing increases your chances of resale and the opportunity to remain relevant.


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What does it mean to purchase something wholesale?

When you think of Costco or Sam’s Club, you can probably picture the large warehouse filled with bulk items from food to deodorant. It’s the same when it comes to purchasing clothing on the Internet. Wholesale company’s offer items of clothing for a price per item or a fixed price for a certain amount of product, such as 10 t-shirts for $8.

When you begin looking to purchase wholesale sweatpants, know that the more you buy, the more you save. There are many reasons to purchase in bulk, whether you own a business that prints on clothing or you’re a soccer coach wanting to buy your team matching sweatpants.


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Why purchase wholesale sweatpants? The numbers don’t lie.

According to the market research firm NPD Group, sweatpants sales in Canada have risen over 18 percent, grossing 1.3 billion in sales. The biggest shoppers in this category are men (18-34), increasing their spending by nearly 40 percent.

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Men aren’t the only customers purchasing the new athleisure trend, either. Women continue to hold the corner market in this area due to the growing concern with fitness and health over the last few years. A fitness fashion blog is usually a stone’s throw away on the Internet, and you can be sure the number continues to multiply.


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Should quantity sacrifice quality? No.

When purchasing anything wholesale, it’s only a deal if the quality can match the price. For example, so many have claimed to choose jeans for their comfort and ease, but most importantly, their sturdiness. While denim is still a popular choice for many, it has begun to lose its value as demand increases. By producing a large quantity for less money, customers are left without a high-quality fabric, turning to frustration when it fails in six months to a year.

This is why it’s important to understand the quality of the materials you are looking for when purchasing any clothing item. Researching how different types of material affect the feel, durability and breathability is important when it comes to clothing.

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High-quality sweatpants are in the material

Sweatpants are known for their soft texture and sly way of making us feel right at home. But what is it about sweatpants that give us that warm and comforting feeling?

It’s no surprise that the answer lies in the fabric. Sweatpants are comprised of two fabrics: cotton and polyester. Both fabrics work in tandem to give that soft and warm texture, while still regulating the perfect temperature on those cold days.

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Cotton is an obvious choice when it comes to sweat apparel. As you may already know, cotton is a type of flower that is grown easily and plentifully here in the United States. It’s often the choice for fabrics for its soft and silky nature, in addition to being quite durable. Cotton is used to make a number of products, ranging from clothing to lace!

Polyester has recently become a more commonly found textile and is often combined with cotton. While it is not naturally derived from the ground like cotton, it is a synthetic polymer, which can be manipulated and used for various products, such as sweatpants. When looking for the right sweatpants, you may want to make sure the material includes one, if not both, of these two materials.


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When it comes to the exact style of sweatpants, you really can’t go wrong. Many people trend toward jogger-style sweats, but your typical boot-cut elastic banded waist is just as good. When choosing a color, solid and neutral are in. Both light gray or black are always a good choice, as they can be easily interchangeable with other pieces in one’s wardrobe. It ultimately will be up to the user, but right now, most sweatpants are relevant.

When in doubt, consult the experts online. There isn’t a blog around that isn’t addressing current fashion trends and styles. A simple Google search makes this plight an easy one when you find yourself lost amongst the swarm of options when purchasing wholesale.


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National Sweatpants Day… Yes, You Read that Right!

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It seems that every day is a National (Insert Noun Here) Day anymore, so why would sweatpants be void of one? It’s no wonder that there is a day dedicated to wearing. They’re comfortable, and for those of you that have an office day job – here’s your excuse to show up casually. Mark your calendars for January 18th next year, and let your boss know it’s “National Sweatpants Day.”

If you’re going to celebrate it right, you should grab a few friends and purchase a slew of these comfortable bottoms in bulk!


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What are the benefits of buying wholesale?

Pricing is a huge benefit when considering wholesale purchases. Many times, getting the item for a lesser cost helps you put your money elsewhere, especially when growing a business.

many times cost quoteIf the reason you choose to buy in bulk is solely for business purposes, there are some additional benefits to consider. When you, yourself, aren’t the one directly responsible to the manufacturer, you run very little risk in fulfilling massive orders in order to move product.

What this means is that if you are just getting started or you’re not in a place to take on too much inventory, the wholesaler acts as a middleman. You still get items at a reduced rate, but you’re not responsible for as much product as you would be if you were working directly with the manufacturer.

In addition, when you’re getting your product at a more reduced rate, you can offer these to your customers at a better cost to suit not just your margins, but to begin to build your client base. Just like you, most people want to get the item they need for a lower price upfront.


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Sweatpants are making a comeback. Known best for their comfort and their versatile use, sweatpants are one thing you can’t get enough of. Whether used for athletics or casual errands, these are an item that most people own and now, due to the newest fashion appeal, can wear almost anywhere.

Purchasing wholesale sweatpants is simple, but understanding the quality and market you desire to reach helps aid the process. Whether you are a coach purchasing wholesale sweats for a team or a businessperson looking to buy and resell, making a larger purchase has many added benefits.

The rise of sweatpants is upon us, and you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. While trends do rise and fall, we have seen how sweatpants seem to stand the test of time with every new representation in the media.

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