Millennials and T-Shirt Designing

Millennials are one of the largest generations in history. This group, also known as Generation Y, is entering their prime spending years. They will have a huge influence on the economy, and their unique experiences and perspectives will change the way Americans have traditionally gone about buying and selling.

However, this generation has a bad reputation in today’s workforce. Perhaps they are just misunderstood. Generation Y people have grown up with rapid change, which gives them a set of priorities and expectations that have proven to be extremely different than any other previous generations.

Here we break down the definition of this generation and their qualities in the workplace:


  • Defined as a person who reached adulthood around the year 2000
  • People born in the years 1980 – 2000
  • The biggest generation in America’s history
  • People who were born into the digital world
  • Social media and technology are a part of their everyday lives
  • They take philanthropic duties seriously
  • Live well-rounded, busy lives, from work to personal

Millennials in the Workplace:

  • Tech savvy
  • Extremely focused on self-development
  • Carry high expectations
  • Thrive on learning new job skills
  • Set goals and go after challenges
  • Can-do attitude
  • Don’t worry about failure
  • Not willing to give up their lifestyle for career
  • Multitasking
  • Social
  • Communication of choice is email or instant messaging; do not want to spend time on the phone
  • Like constant feedback

Purchasing Habits of Millennials

  • Choose brands that offer the maximum convenience and lowest costs
  • Waiting to buy homes, cars, and luxury items
  • Turn to services that provide access to products
  • Technology is reshaping retail space

Millennials and T-Shirt Designing

Is it any surprise that, when considering their qualities and expectations, more and more millennials are going to work for themselves? Research shows that they have a higher propensity to be entrepreneurs. What we find even more interesting is that T-shirt designing and selling are more popular pursuits among this generation.

Tons of millennials turn to their apparel to showcase their personalities and humor. Retro, sarcastic, and unique t-shirts seem to be a huge hit for this generation, also.

When delving into the design world, it’s important for millennials to remember that current trends and topics are king. If something significant happened in pop culture, you’d better put that into your design.

Technology and Your Designs

Millennials are all about their technology and harnessing creative muscles. It just so happens that, with the right tools, you can launch your T-shirt designs to the masses in record time. Technology opens a lot of doors for your design process.

Companies can now create a design, post it, and gain feedback and potential customer reactions on the Internet. They don’t have to print a single shirt before they are sure that it will generate some sort of profit. This saves time and money, and creates an atmosphere that is beneficial to the company.

If you find that users love your design idea, you can have your design ready within an hour, using tools such as LED technology and Photoshop. The market for creating T-shirts has never been easier!

Millennials Are Buying

Creative designs and the “homemade” feel of small businesses really appeal to this generation. Millennials like to help the middleman; they like to feel like they aren’t adding to the atmosphere which older generations have caused in the environment and economy.

If you’re a millennial trying to appeal to others in your generation, chances are there is big money in creative, unique t-shirt designs.

How to Get Started

Getting started on your T-shirt designing business isn’t as hard as you might think! You will need a few programs to make the illustration and designs, and then you will also need to ask for opinions and feedback via social media. Once you feel secure that you want to move forward, you should conduct research on what colors are the most popular and which designs work best for your target audience.

When you’re ready for printing and selling, don’t forget to turn to The Adair Group for all your bulk buying t-shirt needs. We offer a wider range of colors and sizes for the whole family!


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