6 Steps to Having the Best Family Reunion

At a time when people have grown accustomed to staying away from their family, it is more necessary than ever to host an annual family reunion. It becomes really difficult to stay in touch with our family members as we tackle the challenges of the modern, urban life. Thus, a family reunion gives you a wonderful excuse to meet all those relatives that you have been dying to spend time with for years. Besides, a family reunion is one of the most therapeutic experiences you can have, especially if you have been dealing with the stress of being lonely and isolated. Here are six simple ways in which you can prepare for an amazing family reunion:

1) Make a Concrete Plan

Family reunions are usually not spontaneous. You can’t expect everyone to get together miraculously on the same day. Therefore, you need to start by picking a date and a location for the event. It is preferable for you to make your plans at least 6 months in advance. In this age of information and communication, it would be very easy for you to send in questionnaires to your family members and relatives, asking them to provide their input on when, where, and how they would like to meet.

2) Form a Committee

You can’t make the reunion a grand success by yourself. You need the help of others. Start recruiting people and delegating work. This is the most effective way of preparing for a wonderful family reunion. It is important for you to surround yourself with capable and eager committee members who are going to help you out to the best of their abilities. It is the responsibility of the committee to create a command center. After all, a successful reunion requires some degree of paperwork. A simple file folder can serve as the perfect command center. Make sure that all the records are carefully organized. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your dear family members.

3) Prepare a Budget

This is where it gets tricky. Cost is a major factor when it comes to family reunion attendance. You cannot and should not make the budget on your own. Sure, someone would have to type in all the dates in an Excel sheet, but everyone’s opinion has to be taken into consideration. Not everyone in your family is as well off as that uncle of yours who drives a Ferrari. Whenever you send out your mailings, ask your relatives to suggest an amount that they would be comfortable paying. The fundraising has to be flexible, as you can’t expect everyone to pay the same amount for the reunion.

4) Order Custom T-Shirts

As the name suggests, a family reunion is all about uniting the family under one roof. To inspire that feel of unity, you can order custom t-shirts with a singular design or message for your entire family. There are amazing wholesale shirt options that you can explore online. Besides serving as a symbol of unity, the common family reunion t-shirt would allow everyone to go back to their roots and remind themselves that family comes first. Be sure to have different sizes for the men, women, children, and toddlers. If it is an outdoor family outing, then you could consider ordering identical hats for everyone.

5) Have Something for Everyone

Your family reunion should have a range of activities to pique the interest of all ages. If it is an extended family reunion, then you could plan for excursions, a golf outing, or a mall trip. The kids, teenagers, and young adults could take part in fun games like charades to further bond with each other and enjoy some quality family time. It is also important for you to accommodate everyone’s culinary needs. If you have vegans or gluten intolerant folks in your family, then you should prepare the food accordingly. It would be a travesty if someone were to feel left out.

6) Share Your Family’s Story

The people in the reunion may have very different lives, but they all have one thing in common: your family’s heritage. Celebrate your family’s history by sharing amazing stories
, and bringing out old photos and memorabilia. It is also a great idea to incorporate the flavors of your ancestral homeland in the food, music, and decorations.

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