6 Steps to a Beautiful Tie Dye Look

Tie dye clothing can make you stand out in a crowd if you know how to pull it off. There are many spectacular and fun ways of wearing tie dye that will make you look both funky and trendy at the same time. Tie dye was at the peak of its popularity back in the 1960s. It has been half a century since we came out of that decade, but the trends of the 60s continue to inspire designers and fashion aficionados.

Some people think that incorporating tie dye into your daily wardrobe is going to make you look silly or foolish. That is not true at all. If anything, tie dyes can help you create a strong style statement that will make you more confident about your own physical appearance.

The following are some modern twists to old tie dye uses that will add a new layer to your sense of fashion:

1) Tie Dye Headband

Headbands aren’t for little girls only. Women can rock them, too. In fact, even men can look quite dapper with tie dye headbands. You can easily find tie dye headbands in the market. They are quite cheap and are usually of decent quality. If you can’t find them in your locality, then you could make a DIY tie dye head band from a t-shirt.

2) Tie Dye Scarf

The most beautiful thing about a tie dye scarf is that it looks like several scarves beautifully knotted into one piece. This is one of the coolest ways you can flaunt the tie dye look. Wearing a scarf is no longer influenced by the season. You can wear a tie dye scarf all throughout the year. For example, wearing a light and airy cotton tie dye scarf in summer can turn out to be a pretty relaxing experience. It is also worth noting that a tie dye scarf is something that you can make at home by following a simple tutorial on YouTube.


3) Tie Dye T-Shirt

There is nothing quite as comforting as wearing a tie dye t-shirt on a beautiful, warm and sunny day in summer. There is a wide variety of tie dye t-shirts that are currently available. Some of the designs are absolutely gorgeous. Even though most of the patterns are inspired by classic tie dye shirts of the 60s, 70s, and the 80s, some of the modern designs are ones that you have never seen before. If you are not a big fan of the usual tie dye color combination, you could opt for a blue ocean tie dye t-shirt, a pink ribbon tie dye t-shirt, or a Rasta fade tie dye t-shirt. The choice is all yours. The best idea is to buy a combination of different colors so that you can have multiple options to choose from throughout the week.

4) Tie Dye Hair Ties

These small beauties can be found in a lot of stores across the country. You could even make one of your own at home. All you have to do is cut out the elastic on an unused pair of soffe pants. Once you have done that, you can tie the piece up and tie dye it in the regular way.

5) Tie Dye Jean Shorts

Jeans are amazing till they get old and boring. But there’s no need to throw out your favorite pairs of jeans. You can simply cut them up, turn them into tie dye shorts, and breathe new life into them. There are a number of ways in which you can tie dye jeans. It is important for you to remember that they all don’t have to look the same.

The best thing about tie dye in general is that it is all about blending colors and mixing bright dyes. The vibrant hues of the tie dye inspire a colorful lifestyle.

6) Tie Dye Sneakers

This is the perfect way to complete your tie dye look for the day. If you have white tennis shoes at home, you can tie dye them to make them look far more extravagant. Some girls or boys may find this look to be slightly immature. But life is all about rolling back the years and reliving your childhood. Besides, summer is a time of jubilation and happy colors. So why not go crazy with yellow and amber tie dye sneakers?

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