Baggy Versus Fitted T Shirts: The Pros & Cons of Each

baggy vs fitted t shirts

Practically everyone around the world has a diverse collection they have accumulated over the years: sports t shirts, smart t shirts, band t shirts, and a collection of t shirts picked up for free at events. Whether plain, patterned, or with a printed design, every t shirt is unique and can say something different about its wearer. These t shirts come in many shapes and sizes, too: long sleeve, short sleeve, V-neck t shirts, tanks … deciding which t shirt works best for which situation can be tough!

However, the fit of a t shirt is often overlooked, and it can be just as expressive as the color, pattern, or design on it. On some level, we all pay attention to the fit of a t shirt, and we can make assumptions about the wearer based on the fit.

In recent years we have seen a dramatic shift when it comes to the most common fit of t shirts: fashion and culture have played a large role in making fitted t shirts more popular, but baggy t shirts still have their place. Choosing the right t shirt fit is about more than just trends. Let’s explore the pros and cons of baggy and fitted t shirts to help you decide when to choose which fit is best for you?

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T Shirts: A Quick History and the Original Fit

It may surprise you to learn that the first t shirts were worn just over 100 years ago. In fact, the first t shirts evolved from undergarments worn in the late 1800s. The U.S. Navy pioneered the t shirt, which was originally designed to be worn under uniforms and give its men the option to remove the bulkier parts of their clothing while in warm conditions.

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These first shirts were generally simple—white and short-sleeved t shirts. Worn on submarines at first, they allowed the marines to avoid dirtying their uniforms and suffering from the hot conditions. These were normally worn with a tight fit to better capture perspiration. From here, t shirts rocketed in popularity. Modern factories were capable of rapidly producing these, meaning they were a cheap option of clothing that was also easy to clean and maintain. Workers in many industries began wearing these t shirts by default. Many credit Marlon Brando’s appearance in A Streetcar Named Desire in 1951 as propelling the plain white t shirt to a new level of ubiquity.

In the years since, t shirt fronts have become a space for wearers to demonstrate their allegiance to sports teams, express their love for a band, or align themselves with a certain style or aesthetic. Perhaps no other piece of clothing has so effectively crossed national and cultural boundaries to cement itself as the most popular item of clothing around the world.

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Baggy and Fitted T Shirts: Common Rules

Sure, baggy and fitted t shirts are very different in terms of style and functionality, but there are some common rules you should follow when it comes to achieving the best possible fit.

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  • Think carefully about V-neck collars.
    There’s a place for a great V-neck fit, and it is usually best used by shorter people who would like to elongate their necks to create the illusion of height, or by people with a larger frame looking to slim down their appearance. Experimenting with the collar on your t shirt can help you make sure you look the best you can be!
  • Get the right sleeve length.
    It’s important that the sleeve on your t shirt ends when it reaches halfway through the bicep. This is the most natural fit, and anything shorter or longer can look a little distorted.
  • Think about the fit around your arm.
    To get the best fit in terms of the circumference around your arm, make sure that when you put two fingers inside the sleeve of your t shirt, you can feel it tightening. This simple rule of thumb (or finger) makes it easy to check your t shirt is going to have the most natural fit around your arms.
  • Not too short, not too long.
    Some people often wonder where the bottom of their t shirt should end. Too high is clearly not a good look, and too low on a fitted t shirt can look strange if the rest of the t shirt fits naturally. The t shirt should just cover the bottom of your belt buckle, a length that will create a pleasing, balanced look at a glance.

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Baggy Versus Fitted T Shirts: The Pros and Cons

When it comes to corporate contexts and t shirts being used as promotional materials, there is also a range of factors to consider when opting for baggy or fitted t shirts.

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Baggy T Shirts

In recent years, baggy t shirts have had a renaissance in terms of popularity. Hip-hop and street fashion have taken off, and the baggy look is becoming fashionable in other areas, too. Vintage t shirts from the 80s and 90s are now fashionable again, so it’s a fantastic time to hit the vintage stores or dig through your wardrobe!

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Baggy T Shirts: The Pros

  • Comfort
    With a looser fit, baggy t shirts can make for a much more comfortable option. Flowing freely, they fit loosely around the body and allow for ventilation and for breezes to pass over your skin—the perfect option for warm weather! For many, a baggy t shirt represents a relaxed and comfortable look worn on casual days.
  • Fashionable options
    In recent years, baggy t shirts have become a key part of street fashion styles, usually paired with tighter pants, leggings, or yoga pants to accentuate the bagginess of the t shirt. There are many examples of baggy t shirts being released by many famous designers, and even Kanye West’s clothing line includes baggy white t shirts.
  • Flattering for muscular frames
    Baggy t shirts worn over solid and muscular frames can look great: The t shirt can drop down directly from larger shoulders and contribute to a really great look.
  • Great for some sports
    Baggy t shirts are the perfect choice for certain active hobbies like skateboarding, for example. Jumping on a set of wheels is a great way to build up a sweat and, given their looser fit, baggy t shirts do not show patches as prominently as their tighter-fitting counterparts.
  • Ideal for warm weather
    Given that baggier t shirts don’t cling as closely to the body and can permit for ventilation, baggy t shirts can be the perfect option for the summer months.
  • A good option for mass use
    When it comes to ordering t shirts in bulk for corporate events where sizing information is not available, baggy t shirts can be a great option. Guests will probably feel more comfortable wearing a baggy t shirt, and the range of sizing options available will fit a wider range of wearers than fitted t shirts might.

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Baggy T Shirts: The Cons

  • A fine line between oversized and baggy
    There is general confusion between t shirts that have been designed to be intentionally baggy, and simply oversized t shirts. By simply opting for larger sizes as opposed to t shirts that are cut intentionally to be baggy, some people wear large t shirts that do not fit well. This can defeat the whole purpose of a baggy t shirt, while resulting in an unflattering fit.
  • Compatibility with body shapes
    Many people generally believe baggy t shirts are more flattering to curvier frames, given they are capable of masking a person’s frame. However, this is incorrect. Baggy t shirts can accentuate curves their wearers would otherwise like to mask.
  • Finding the right fit
    The quality of baggy t shirts can vary according to the manufacturer or supplier. Finding the right fit can sometimes be a challenge.
  • Incompatibility with other styles
    Baggy t shirts work best when worn with other clothes that match the style. When worn alongside clothes that do not fit within the baggy aesthetic, they can look a little incompatible, meaning that baggy t shirts aren’t as flexible as their fitted counterparts.
  • Difficult in some environments
    Hiking and other outdoor activities can be difficult, given that the loose fabric can sometimes catch on objects in the immediate environment.

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Fitted T Shirts

Fitted t shirts exploded in popularity during the 1950s and 1960s. The more fitted style has been the most prominent iteration of the t shirt and remains a solid option for many wardrobes today. Fitted t shirts are very flexible and can be worn in different situations, making them a great way to expand the number of outfit options available.

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Fitted T Shirts: The Pros

  • Fashionable
    Over recent years, the humble t shirt has undergone a transformation, going from a loose fit in the 90s and early 2000s that flowed over the body beneath to a tighter fit that hugs the body more closely.
  • Great fit for stockier frames
    For those with stockier frames, finding good fits can sometimes be truly challenging. Given the popularity and ubiquity of t shirts, however, finding a great-fitting t shirt can be easier. If wearers can find the perfect fitted t shirt that toes the line between too tight and too loose, they can have a great piece of clothing that shows the best of their figure.
  • Perfect for sports
    Perhaps in football, more than any other arena, the transformative journey of t shirts is best expressed: Avid football fans, and even those who don’t admire the sport so much, will undoubtedly remember the baggy and loose-hanging shirts of 90’s football. Many of these shirts are now considered retro classics, and many fans lament their passing, which has been made in favor of skintight t shirts. In fact, the premier league has changed because of this transition: Tighter shirts make it easier for pulls and fouls to be verified because the tight fabric is more likely to tear under stress.
  • Flexible in terms of fashion
    Fitted t shirts are a staple of any solid wardrobe and can be worn alongside practically any other type of clothing. Whether worn with jeans, shorts, skirts, or other pieces of clothing, fitted t shirts can expand your wardrobe and dramatically increase the possible outfits available to you.
  • Flexible in terms of context
    Fitted t shirts can be worn in different contexts. Perfect for casual street wear or sports, fitted t shirts can also be worn in smart-casual contexts alongside a blazer or jacket. Given that many leading fashion brands produce their own t shirts, there are lots of options available in terms of quality and brand.
  • Discreet as an undershirt
    It is common for some to wear plain fitted t shirts as undershirts when wearing a shirt and/or suit. This has the advantage of absorbing any perspiration while also disguising any tattoos or marks that might show through a white shirt. This is a very powerful function, and one that drives a lot of the sales of fitted t shirts.
  • A wider variety of cuts
    When compared to their baggier counterparts, fitted t shirts have a wider range of cuts available. Long-sleeved t shirts look fantastic when fitted, and the cut of the neck can be more varied, whether that’s a V-neck or tank top t shirt.

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Fitted T Shirts: The Cons


  • Weather
    Depending on the color and material of a fitted t shirt, it can sometimes be susceptible to showing sweat patches in hot weather. This can be unflattering and make a fitted t shirt not quite the best option for outdoor events in the summer months.
  • Flexibility
    Tight t shirts can look trim and show off a person’s particular figure. They represent  people who have put some consideration into the way that their t shirt choice affects the way that they appear. With that said, they can occasionally feel as though they restrict the movement of a person when compared to a t shirt with a baggier fit.
  • Unflattering fits
    Depending on the wearer’s body type, it can be difficult to find a fitted t shirt with a natural fit. Unflattering curves can be accentuated.
  • Not always the best for corporate giveaways
    Given that fitted t shirts can generally be more difficult to fit properly, it can be a risky choice to opt for fitted t shirts as a go-to option for mass use, such as corporate giveaways or events. With that said, this depends: If organizers can get the appropriate size information before the event, they can make the correct order.


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The humble t shirt has evolved over the past one hundred years to two distinct fits: fitted and baggy. What could the near future hold? As tastes and environments continue to change, so will one of the world’s most popular articles of clothing.

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