How many bulk wholesale t-shirts fit on a pallet?

How many bulk wholesale t-shirts can you fit on a standard 48 X 40 foot pallet?  This is a question that we get asked a lot here at The Adair Group!!  The answer is………it depends on what type of t-shirts.  Adult short sleeve t-shirts are the most popular.  You can fit approximately 30 cartons on a pallet.  Most standard cartons contain 72 t-shirts, so the answer is 2,160 t-shirts.  Adult long sleeve t-shirts contain more fabric, and therefore take up more space on a pallet.  You can fit approximately 42 cartons on a pallet.  Most adult long sleeve t-shirt cartons contain 36 t-shirts.  So the answer is 1,512 t-shirts.

Approximately 100-200 dozen bulk wholesale t-shirts fit on a pallet


Kids and ladies short sleeve t-shirts are smaller and weigh less.  You can fit approximately 42 cartons of kids and ladies t-shirts on a pallet.   Kids and ladies t-shirt cartons typically contain 72 t-shirts.  The answer in this case is 3,024 t-shirts.

Why is this question important do you ask?  When ordering your wholesale t-shirts online, if your order exceeds 300 lbs., it is no longer cost effective to ship your order via UPS ground.   At this point, your order would be put on a pallet and shipped via an LTL carrier.  Many of our larger customers order their bulk t-shirts by the pallet in order to receive the lowest shipping rates available.  In most cases, it is cost effective to use an LTL carrier for 9 pallets or less.  Once your order exceeds 9 pallets, you will need your own designated trailer.

We are happy to provide an LTL carrier for you, but also encourage are larger customers to shop the market for the most competitive shipping rates available.  Don’t forget to add 40 lbs. to the total weight of your shipment……this takes into account the weight of the pallet itself!!

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