Cheap Family Reunion T-Shirt Ideas

Family reunions are a perfect way to vacation and spend that much needed quality time reconnecting with relatives who live far away.  Sometimes they can be difficult to organize because of everyone’s schedules and distances apart.  It is best to plan as far in advance as possible so as many family members as possible can make it to the reunion. This way you can get a head count as to know how many bulk t-shirts are needed for your family reunion.

A great idea is to create a website for your family reunion. This lets each family know important details about your reunion and keeps everyone in the loop.  Plan a theme for the weekend like a circus, safari or a Hawaiian luau. Once the theme is known it’s easier to plan the location, food, activities, decorations and awards for your reunion.  If your theme is a Hawaiian luau, you would want to hold your reunion somewhere with water like a pool or a beach.  Fun ideas for food could be roasting a pig and making drinks using half shell coconut glasses.  Activities could include hula dancing, swimming and the limbo! How low can you go?  Have your family members dress in Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts and have someone pass out leis along with a kiss on the cheek as everyone arrives!  Decorate with fresh flowers and lots and lots of fruit.  Hand out awards for the best hula dancer, the limbo master and the wildest shirt.  Once your theme is planned the possibilities are endless!

Family Reunion T-Shirts

Family Reunion T-Shirts are a great keepsake to remember your event


It is nice to have a souvenir to remember those fun times and rare events.   A terrific keepsake to remember these good times are t-shirts!  But you don’t want to spend too much money!!  Some cheap family reunion t-shirt ideas would include information like your family name, date and location of the reunion, a logo or even a funny family phrase. Have one of your artsy and creative family members or have one of the children design the t-shirts.  You can even have your family members submit design ideas for your t-shirts and have each family member vote and choose a winner.  Another great idea is to have each different part of the family or even each generation wear a different color t-shirt. This can be extremely helpful for those more distant relatives in figuring out who everybody is. Why not also decorate your t-shirts while at the reunion?!  This can be an especially fun and enjoyable activity for children. This gives them the opportunity to bond with cousins and other relatives they might not get to see very often.

Family reunions are very special events that are remembered by all who attend and over the years, the t-shirt has become the most popular keepsake item of any family reunion.  Family reunion t-shirts create a memorable item that can be worn to remember all of the fun and cherished times had.  The Adair Group is a great resource for all of your family reunion t-shirt needs.  Just remember, when it comes to an end, you want to have each and every family member leave with a smile on their face and a t-shirt! Now let the fun begin!!

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