3 Generations and still going strong...

The Adair Group is a family owned business. We have been selling t shirts in Atlanta and throughout the country for over 50 years. We strive to offer quality products at the absolute LOWEST prices in the industry.

How do we offer such low prices?
Volume Buying Power: We purchase hundreds of full trailer loads of merchandise each year. Because we buy so many t-shirts and fleece, we get the best possible price from the manufacturer. We in turn, pass these savings on to our customers.
First Quality at Closeout Prices and Slight Irregulars: We do two things that separate us from the competition. The first is we offer the exact same first quality shirts you see on other websites for
a fraction of the cost. How do we do this? Unlike these other sites that are virtual, meaning they stock no inventory, we buy our shirts by the truckload which ensures we get the lowest price possible. We then pass these savings on to you. Other websites cannot get these prices because they do not own any inventory. They simply wait for your order to come through over the internet and then place the order with the manufacturer. This is convenient for them but you end up paying a higher price. We encourage you to compare prices and you will see what we are talking about.
The other thing that separates us from our competitors is we carry slight irregulars. These are the best of the off-quality grades. Apparel factories call them irregulars, we call them values! These garments have very minor imperfections that are a normal result of the manufacturing process. (i.e. minor shade or spec issues). Most irregularities cannot be seen with the naked eye. We even take the grading process a step further by grading our irregulars in house to ensure the quality is up to our high standards. Irregulars provide you the opportunity to purchase excellent merchandise at a deep discount!

Who are our typical customers?
Screenprinters - many screenprinters use us to source t shirts in Atlanta and throughout the 50 states. By purchasing our product, many printers win bids because they came in with the lowest price. The screenprinting business is very competitive; saving every penny on shirts counts.
Off-Price Retailers - our t-shirts and fleece continue to be sold at many of the nations top off-price retail chains. Our prices allow retailers to sell at low prices which is always a hit with the end user.
Drug Store Chains - In recent years, many of the nations top drug store chains have begun offering promotions on t shirts.You may have seen the deals at your local drug store. We are proud to supply several of these chains.
Schools and Churches - Schools and churches often use t shirts for various events throughout the year. Because their budgets can be tight, our company has become a valuable supplier. We are able to provide the shirts they need at a deep discount price.
Individuals - Need discount t-shirts,fleece,or polos for personal use? No problem...we've got you covered! Now via our website, individuals are able to get the same great deals that used to only be available to businesses. Please note Georgia residents are subject to a 8% sales tax.
Online Retailers - Many online catalog retailers offer our products via their websites.
Resellers - Because our prices are so low, many resellers/jobbers are able to purchase shirts from us and then resell them. This would not be possible if our prices were not extremely low.
Mom and Pops -We give the same attention to the customer buying 1 case as the one buying 5 trailer loads. We are proud to say that our products can be found on "Main Streets" all across the country.

The Adair Group is proud to be one of the top sellers of t shirts in Atlanta and throughout the entire United States. Thank you for shopping our online store!