Desert Rose - Adult *DOZEN* Price

Desert Rose| Adult *DOZEN* Price
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Desert Rose - Bulk Adult Tie Dye T-Shirt

One of our newest and most popular styles is the Desert Rose adult tie dye t-shirt. Bursting with pastel colors, the Desert Rose design transports you to warm summer days no matter what time of year it is. And who does not love the classic spiral design!

All our Desert Rose tie dye shirts are individual dyed which makes each shirt as unique as the person wearing it. Additionally, when you purchase this shirt in bulk increments of 12, you save money. So if you need tie dye for a group project, birthday party, team event, etc. buying in bulk is the way to go!
$5.95 each

Purchase by the dozen - $5.95 each


First Quality
Desert Rose
100% Cotton
5.3 oz.
**Must be purchased in full dozens by size in order to receive this discount price.

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