Snow Cone - Adult Tie Dye T-Shirt

Snow Cone| Adult Tie Dye T-Shirt
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Check out one of our newest tie dye patters – the Adult Snow Cone. This unique dye pattern will have you feeling as good as enjoying a snow cone on a warm summer day! Whether you are attending a concert, laying out by the pool, or simply want dress cooler than anyone else, the snow cone design is what you want to be wearing!

Our tie dye shirts are made with premium cotton and are built to last. They are functional and the fabric will feel great against your skin.

And here's and added benefit: when you purchase our Snow Cone tie dye in increments of 12 by size, you'll save a huge amount! Click here to learn more about our bulk pricing
$8.95 each

Purchase by the piece - $8.95 each


First Quality
Snow Cone
100% Cotton
5.3 oz.
Purchase by the piece - $8.95 each

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