PFD Adult - Crewneck (Irregs)

PFD Adult|Crewneck (Irregs)
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PFD (Prepared for Dye) fabric refers to a type of fabric that is specifically processed and treated to be ready for dyeing. Unlike regular fabrics that may have finishes or treatments that affect the dyeing process, PFD fabric is free from any chemicals or contaminants that could interfere with dye absorption. PFD fabric is typically made from natural fibers like cotton or linen, providing a blank canvas for vibrant and even color application. This makes PFD fabric ideal for DIY dye projects or professional textile dyeing. Its clean and untreated nature allows for endless creative possibilities and ensures consistent and long-lasting color results.
$2.95 each
Comfort Colors

Purchase by the dozen - $2.95 each


Comfort Colors
Slight Irregular
PFD (Prepared for Dye)
80% Cotton/20% Polyester
9.5 oz.
Purchase by the dozen - $2.95 each

Sizing runs big, consider ordering a size smaller than usual.

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