Let’s All Go to the Beach!

Now that summer is officially here I am sure most of you are planning some great summer vacations with your family and close friends. I know everyone here at The Adair Group is excited for summer. If you are like me, these summer vacations will most likely include going to the beach! I mean, who doesn’t love going to the beach?!? To me, the beach means

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Bech Season is Here!

sitting outside in my swimsuit, beach t-shirt, or cover up in the warm sun with a good book, feet in the sand, listening to the beautiful sound of the waves crashing up on the shore, and of course smelling that amazing scent of the salty ocean water. It doesn’t get any better than that in my opinion! It is just so unbelievably relaxing!! Living in Georgia means that we are not very far away from many fabulous beaches. There are so many great beaches in Florida, Alabama, North and South Carolina and even right here in Savannah, Georgia! And depending on which beach you are going to, most of them are just a day drive away. I think my favorite beach would have to be in the Destin, Florida area. Known as ‘Florida’s Emerald Coast’, it offers 24 miles of pristine white sand beaches stretching along the Gulf of Mexico. And the water?? The water in the Emerald Coast has to be the most beautiful emerald green color I have ever seen! Also, the local seafood here is completely to die for. My family and I take a trip to Destin every summer and have such a wonderful time. If you have never visited this part of Florida, I suggest you do! So go get out in the sun, spend time with friends and family and have a blast at the beach!!

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