Thinking about purchasing our shirts? With our huge selection, best price guarantee, and TagCertifiied quality control process, we think they're the best deal in the business. But don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our recent customers had to say:

Received my first order from you yesterday and I am very pleased. I only found you when my (now former) supplier completely botched an order, so it was real contrast to have super-fast shipping, great quality and first-rate customer service.
Diana G., 12-5-13

Shirts arrived as requested. The amounts were correct and arrived in a timely manner. I have given your name to some friends of a print shop. They are doing the printing on the shirts for us and commented on the quality of the shirts. They will be ordering some shirts from you."
Johnny W., 11-21-13

You did a great job. The shirts were just as I expected. I needed them sent quickly, and your customer service was very kind and helpful and I got them as promised. Thank you.
Gail F., 11-20-13

Thank you! Doing business with you is great! Just what I expected. Perfection!
Kelly B., 11-18-13

You guys did an amazing job! The prices I was able to get were so much lower than anything else so I was able to get more shirts than I expected. The customer service was great and even called me to double check that I'd put in my address correctly, I hadn't. The shipping was lightning quick, my package arrived in two days. My only complaint was that I couldn't get a smaller breakdown for sizes, meaning I ended up with too many larges, but that's a sacrifice I would gladly make for the quality and price that I received. Thanks!
Adam C., 11-4-13

I am indeed impressed. The sweatshirts are good quality, are less expensive than the others I researched, and arrived quickly.
Elise L., 10-29-13

This was my first order from The Adair Group. My order came in a very timely matter, in fact I was surprised at how fast it came! I will definitely order much more from you! I am the youth leader and my father is the president of his high school alumni who meet every year. So you will definitely be hearing from us soon. Thank you!
Tevita F., 10-28-13

My band needed t-shirts for tour. We ordered a mix of dark colors, a little bit nervous about what we would get. They arrived in a timely fashion, and we opened the box and started screen printing on them last night. They looked great, the quality was high, and we are looking forward to selling out a bunch of these so we can try out some of your other colors and styles next time. Thanks for the awesome experience!
Kyle H., 10-17-13

Ordered my first set of Ts from the Adair Group and they were the cheapest I found online and also the shirts were delivered extremely fast. I ordered 6 things from 6 different companies and the shirt order was the biggest and it arrived a day before anything else. I'll be using them for my future orders!
Joe, 10-14-13

You guys have provided great customer service over the last six months or so that we've been buying from you. We really appreciate that.
Jeremy & Sarah P., 10-4-13

We are a new child care center and we screen printed our logo onto the shirts. They are now available for the employees and families to purchase. We have both adult and child sizes. We have also received great feedback regarding the quality of the material.
Cheryl V., 9-27-13