Private Label T-Shirts

Sometimes we use the term private label when referring to our t-shirts and sweatshirts and customers do not know what that means.  Private label simply means that the brand is not one of the major brands and is owned by a niche company.  In the wholesale t-shirt business the main brands are Hanes, Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Anvil, Jerzees, Delta, and Alstyle.  There are several more but that gives you an idea.  An example of a private label would be the bulk pullover hooded sweatshirts we carry which are the B&E label.  Being a private label does not make the product inferior.  In fact, we believe in many cases a private label is nicer.  It would surprise you to know that many times the label does not tell you the whole story on a shirt.  For instance, many of the larger t-shirt mills that I mention above manufacture for names like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc.  So picture a t-shirt coming of the factory manufacturing line and the Nike label being put in.  Whereas the day before the same factory was making shirts for a private label.

Retailers are also big into private labels.  They find there are many advantages to carrying their own private label rather than selling other brands.  By carrying their own private label, the retail can control the customer experience and also doesn’t have to worry about a middleman markup.  Without this extra markup retailers can sell cheaper which makes the value priced consumer happy.   Even though retailers can sell cheaper, they often times make a higher margin on private label goods.

So the moral to the story is private label shirts are a good thing.  You the consumer end up saving money and the retailer or wholesaler ends up happy as well.  And the product is great.

Name Brand or Private Label?

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