How to Inexpensively Equip Your Team


Bonding and teamwork is a lot about commonality and community. The most effective teams believe in themselves and have dedicated fans or supporters who are right there on the backbenches every day. There are a few key ways you can harness this passion, and one is by creating a sense of one. This is easily achieved with common wear or gear. What better way to get everyone into the same mood by wearing the right colors, logos, accessories and at a fraction of the cost of typical retailers?

We spend most of our workdays in the office, and there is no other better way to feel like a team than by wearing company adorned items for everyday use. Not only does this work as a subtle advertisement, but it builds closer connections to your brand and services. It’s a practical item that the customer truly wants anyway, and you’re fulfilling it with the perfect answer! So, next time your office party plays volleyball, remember to get some shirts done up customized for the event for both teams.

Helps a Group to Bond

Sweatshirts, T-shirts; long or short sleeved: There’s an inexpensive and easy to customize bulk item awaiting you for all of your co-workers, family members, party guests, or any other cohesive unit … it’s truly easy to share your passion from one other organized group to another and even get them to participate, as well. You can organize games and other activities, and you don’t have to worry about having too many in one size or in the wrong size, because they’re so inexpensive you can cover all your bases and get everyone involved.

Engagement is key, and a simple t-shirt or hat that matches friends or family is a great statement of emotional connection, or can become a source of creativity.  With inexpensive wearable items, there’s little harm in customizing, with specially made t-shirt paints or dyes to give your children or children’s team—or, heck, even your team—a uniformed look!

Inexpensive Wearables

And, while we’re on the subject of engagement, kittens and young dogs can cause all sorts of messes, so having some wearables you’re less concerned with mucking up is a must-have! Between grass stains and the inevitable scratch or two, having some functional but inexpensive items on hand would suit the job perfectly. This makes playtime more fun, for both you and your pet, and not at the expense of your clothing! There is nothing worse than a chewed up dress or pair of slippers!

And, while you’re waking up on a Sunday morning to put on those slippers, there’s no better way than to coordinate your church group or activities group! Inexpensive, customizable apparel is great for highlighting important spiritual events in your life and lives of others, as well as paying homage to those ideas. Rather than having those church groups singing or playing in their regular attire, let’s get them something a bit more unique and stylized to their kind of beat. Not only will it improve their confidence, but that of those around them!

Have Some Fun

When you’re finally ready to sin, perhaps some fun is in order. Using inexpensive wearables makes possible all sorts of practical jokes that can be played on friends and family. Just wait until they see several gremlins dressed up and running after them on a dark Halloween’s night!

So, remember, whether it’s for a specific group or function, always remain pragmatic, buy what you need from the very best outfitters, and let your colors show through. Everyone these days is making something out of nothing, and here’s the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of quality merchandise to which you can add your own personal flare, so why not give it a try? Even if it’s just a bonding experience with the kids or the local church group, it could inspire some creativity!

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