8 Things Spock Would Say About Sweatshirts

A sweater is an outer garment knit from a variety of yarns. A sweatshirt is an outer garment cut from fabric and sewn together. The sweatshirt is typically constructed from fleece-type fabrics. Both sweaters and sweatshirts come in pullover and zippered styles. The sweater also comes in a button-front variety, while the sweatshirt does not. Both have a hooded version; however, this is far more common on a sweatshirt than on a sweater.

The late Leonard Nimoy portrayed the character Spock in the television show “Star Trek” and in the many movies that followed. The fictional half-human half-Vulcan science officer and first officer of the Starship Enterprise became a cultural icon for the logical way he approached life, which impacted his thoughts and philosophy. The question before us today is, “What would Spock say about sweatshirts?” Consider these eight comments:

man wearing sweatshirt“Fascinating.” Fascinating, indeed. Sweatshirts will elicit many comments due to their versatility. Like its relative from a thinner fabric, the t-shirt, the sweatshirt provides the perfect backdrop for creativity. With a front and back crying out for embellishment, the sweatshirt is often used to promote people, places, and things. Few have done a better job of using the sweatshirt promotionally than Disney, but colleges and universities come in a close second.

“Highly illogical.” The hooded sweatshirt started as a necessary piece of apparel for laborers in meat freezers and lumbering communities.hooded sweatshirt It was first created by the Knickerbocker Knitting Company in 1919. Spock is correct; it is highly illogical that the hoodie would rise from its blue color, proletarian roots to become a coveted item of fashion apparel proudly worn by billionaires. Yet, it happened, and the hooded sweatshirt, or hoodie, is now worn by everybody from the skilled laborer to tech giant CEOs.

“Change is the essential process of all existence.” The sweatshirt certainly has gone through changes. With the addition of the hood at the turn of the 20th century, its transition into a piece of sporting apparel, and the unlikely tie to dating (many young athletes would lend their team sweatshirt to their sweetheart on a cool evening), the sweatshirt has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Were the changes an “essential part of all existence”? The skaters who sported them in the 90s and turned them into statements of cultural defiance sure thought so.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Were Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren thinking about Spock when they brought the hoodie off the streets and onto the runway? Probably not; however, they did understand that the punk rock enthusiasts and skaters had a necessary clothing element which was missing in the wardrobes of the masses. With a few updates in material and craftsmanship, the sweatshirt and hoodie were soon a must-have item for fashionistas of all ages and socio-economic classes.

“Captain, you almost make me believe in luck.” Looking in from the outside, it may seem to be nothing more than luck that brought theman wearing hoodie hoodie into the mainstream. However, it was much more than mere luck. Part of the process was excellent marketing, but the most important aspect of the hoodie’s success was its functionality. Not only does the fleece material keep you warm, but the hood is the perfect way to protect you from the rain or snow, to encourage people to leave you alone, to hide nasty morning hair or another bad-hair situations, or to help you warm up prior to a workout. The fact that it still serves as a great date-saver when the chill of the night catches you off guard doesn’t hurt, either.

“It was logical to cultivate multiple options.” Truer words were never spoken, Spock. The numerous options available for the sweatshirtcolorful hooded sweatshirts make it a must-have wardrobe component. From crewnecks, pullovers, and hoodies, to zip-ups and zip-up hoodies, the variations in style alone lead to a plethora of fashion choices. Add in myriad color alternatives, and your fashion prerogatives skyrocket. Bright, bold primary colors, subdued pastels, and even tie-dye materials will accent and highlight an endless variety of ensembles. Best of all, when shopping with a clothing discounter, you can have all of these options and spend next to nothing.

“There is no reason that function should not be beautiful – in fact, beauty usually makes it more effective.” Man, when Spock young girl wearing purple hoodiegets philosophical, you really have to take note. One of the great benefits of purchasing blank sweatshirts and hoodies is the opportunity to customize them. From bedazzling and silk screening to iron-ons and embroidery, the variations are almost without end. Then again, sometimes the most beautiful is the most simple. Who wouldn’t look great in an iconic gray hoodie with a pair of faded jeans or a white zip-front with some deep blue denim? Yes, the sweatshirt is highly functional, but it looks great, too.

“Live long and prosper.” Perhaps Spock’s most quintessential statement stands as the sweatshirt’s hallmark. While wearing a sweatshirt may not grant you long life, per se, saving a ton of money while looking absolutely fabulous just might. Click here to enhance your life, today.


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