The 2014 Winter Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games will be held in Sochi, Russia which will be the first time that the Russian Federation will have hosted the Winter Games.  The Soviet Union previously hosted the 1980 Summer Games in Moscow.  The Games will be organized in two clusters: a coastal cluster for ice events in Sochi, and a mountain cluster located in the Krasnaya Polyana Mountains.  The mountain cluster in Krasnaya Polyana will be home to all the skiing and sliding sports. The Winter Olympic Games will run from February 7th through the 23rd. In just a few short weeks during the Parade of Nations at the Olympics Opening Ceremony about 90 athletes bearing their nations flags will parade into the Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochia, Russia.  People from all corners of the world will be tuned in to watch the lighting of the torch. of the 2014 Winter Olympics

I think the Opening Ceremony Show and the lighting of the torch and the torch relay just might be my favorite part of the enter Olympics!  This year the Olympic Torch made a historic space walk.  On November 7th last year, the ‘Soyuz TMA-11M’ spacecraft, which took off from the Baikonur cosmodrome, carrying the Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch and crew members from Japan, Russia and the USA successfully docked at the International Space Station.  Although not lit, the Olympic Torch spent more than an hour in outer space.  How cool is that?!

In 1996, the Summer Olympics were actually held right here in our own backyard of Atlanta, GA.   It was absolutely great having them held here in the United States especially right here in our own city!  Everyone I know to this day still has a t-shirt or some sort of memorabilia commemorating the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games.  It was a very special year for the city of Atlanta and its citizens.  I hope everyone enjoys watching the 2014 Winter Olympics!  Go Team USA!!

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