Almost Time for Back to School….

As I write this post we are just about to head into August which means summer is drawing to a close.  I can’t speak for the entire country but here in Georgia it seems school starts back earlier and earlier each year.  When I was growing up, school started right after Labor Day and ended just before Memorial Day.  Nowadays kids are going back to school down here in the middle of August.  So parents you know what that means, now is the time to get a head start on back to school supplies.  As a parent I know back school supplies costs more and more money each year, so it’s important to save where you can.  Many schools require kids to wear polo shirts to school and here at The Adair Group we’ve got you covered.  Our discount kids polo shirts are the lowest priced you’re going to find anywhere.  And by purchasing online, the shirts will appear right at your door.  Not to mention that our shirts are at wholesale prices.  We know it can be difficult to find time to shop with all your responsibilities as a parent.

Polos will keep your kids looking good at at school.

Shopping online can save you time and money on everything.  Not just clothes but on school supplies also.  The days of going to the school supplies store are not over but at the same time are not necessary.  Even here at The Adair Group, we always order our office supplies online.

Back to the polo conversation.  Polos are comfortable like t-shirts but give a little more formal look.  Perfect for going to school.  You can also dress up our dress down your polo shirt depending on what you wear with it. So whether you school requires kids to wear polo shirts or not, it will be a good decision to stock up.  Here’s to a great school year in 2013/2014 and be sure to enjoy the final few weeks of summer.

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