Memorial Day Is Here!

It is hard to believe memorial day is finally here.  At its core, Memorial Day serves to remember the men and women who died serving our armed forces.  The nation takes a day off to remember these people who fought for our freedom.  On another level, Memorial Serves as the first day of summer.  The school year ends which many if not all kids are super excited about, and many of swimming pools around the nation open up.


Here at The Adair Group, Memorial Day is one of our busiest times of year.  During the month of May, t-shirt season is in full swing.  Camps are purchasing tees for their campers, many churches and youth groups are buying t-shirts for various programs they have going on.  All in all its a real busy time of year for us.  We

New Tie Dye Styles Coming This Memorial Day!

aren’t complaining!  We have don’t our best to increase our product offering for the summer months.  We have more t-shirt styles than ever and our tie dye line continues to evolve.  Look out for two new tie dye styles in the coming weeks.  We will be offering the royal cyclone design along with the red cyclone.  These two shirts will be complimentary to the black cyclone tie dye t-shirt we are already offering.


So from everyone at The Adair Group, we hope you have an awesome summer.  Be sure to get outside, have fun, and always rock a t-shirt!

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