Mothers Day T-Shirt Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and it always holds a special place in my heart.  Growing up as a boy and having a brother, most of our days were spent with Mom driving us to and from the ball field.  So mothers day was a day we changed it up and made it all about mom.  Our mom happened to like gardening and the outdoors so we would always take a long walk in nature.  Mom loved spending time with us and it was always a welcome change from our routine.  We enjoyed the day just as much as she did (almost).I was also fortunate enough to have Grandmas that lived in my city so we would always make time for them as well.
Fast forward to today and I’m now a father so its fun to make Mother’s Day special for not only my mom but my wife.  I have a two year old daughter and I was thinking about the idea of her designing a mothers day t-shirt for her mom.  She might not be quite old enough yet but I love the idea.  She would enjoy the project of making the shirt and I know my wife would find it special to receive from her daughter.  So to all you dads out their, think about this idea if you have young children.  And if you need cheap blank t-shirts for the project I know just where you can get them!  And it might earn you points with your wife.  Happy Mothers Day.

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