Final Four Here This Weekend!

Are there any college basketball fans out there?  If you are, then you know this weekend is the biggest weekend of the year in college basketball.  It’s the Final Four and I am proud to say it will be taking place in our hometown of Atlanta.  Everyone around the office here at The Adair Group is super excited.  Big sporting events always generate a lot of buzz around town and this one is no different.  And of course, apparel merchandise will be a big part of the weekend.  Tons and tons of t-shirts will be sold at the game.  Although we only offer blank t-shirts, we are always excited to see the new designs that are used at events like this.  And what about those companies who take the risk to print up NCAA championship gear before the game has even been decided.  Lets put it this way, they are really happy if they guess correctly and really upset if they don’t.  I mean what can you possibly do with merchandise that shows the wrong team winning the NCAA Basketball championship?  My guess is these goods are shipped overseas to needy citizens of countries who simply need clothes and do not care one way or the other what the shirts say.  And also its important to note that the first 48 hours after the game has been decided is when the majority of gear is sold.  So apparel printers will work around the clock printing during this crucial time.  It sounds very stressful and I am glad we only sell the blanks and don’t have to worry about this type of deadline.  I will say that our company is super fast in shipping our orders though!  Enjoy the basketball this weekend and if you are lucky enough to visit our town of Atlanta, have fun.  The city is excited to have you.

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